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Catch crops are also great for nutrient management, Guggenberger said, reducing the need for mineral fertilizers that deplete soils' humus content, introduce toxins into the food chain and release greenhouses gases like nitrous oxide.
Li X, Sorensen P, Li FC, Petersen SO, Olesen JE (2015) Quantifying biological nitrogen fixation of different catch crops, and residual effects of roots and tops on nitrogen uptake in barley using in-situ [sup.
Legumes as a catch crop can reduce K and nitrate leaching (Askegaard and Eriksen, 2008) and act not only as a [N.
Good catch crops include radish, spring onion, spinach, oriental greens and lettuce.
Try out some catch crops of salads in pots or glasshouse soil.
SUMMER turnips are really useful catch crops, ideally grown in spaces between slower-growing veg which will need more space later on in the year.
The objective of our study was to estimate the effects of the above-ground biomass of various catch crops on the composition of soil humic substances and their variation in agricultural, fertile heavy loam Cambisol.
IF you always seem to have space between rows of veg on your veg plot, catch crops - which are small and fast-growing - are ideal when used as temporary space-fillers.
So it is on with harvesting and as soon as a little piece of ground is emptied it is filled with catch crops of quick growing vegetables such as radish, lettuce, beetroot and spring onions.
There is an age-old solution to the problem - the growing of catch crops.
Cover crops are used for three different purposes -- as catch crops, green manures and living mulches.
VEGETABLES - don't forget to use the space between rows of slower growing crops with catch crops of lettuce, corn salad, land cress, radish and rocket.
Turnips, spring onions and so on, can be grown as catch crops between rows of longer maturing plants, so do not even have to take up extra space.
Buffer strips, fallow land, areas with catch crops or green cover and areas with nitrogen fixing crops will qualify, subject to weightings, and so will hedges.