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a crop that grows quickly (e

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In the following ryegrass catch crop and in Years 2 and 3, N uptake was higher after manure application than in the mineral fertiliser reference (Table 1).
Residual effect and leaching of N and K in cropping systems with clover and ryegrass catch crops on a coarse sand.
Averaged data indicate that the highest fulvic acids content was in the treatments with only catch crop biomass incorporation.
A lysimeter study of the effects of a ryegrass catch crop, during a winter wheat/maize rotation, on nitrate leaching and on the following crop.
This can also be sown now to provide a late autumn catch crop of caulis.
It can be a catch crop planted primarily to fill a void in time or capture nutrients that might otherwise be lost.
You can also underplant crops such as runner beans that are grown on poles as it can be up to six weeks from planting in late May before the beans block out the light underneath, giving you time to get a catch crop of salad leaves germinated, grown and harvested.
Salad vegetables of all kinds are the perfect catch crop, and you should be able to get two or more pickings of lettuce, radishes, rocket and spring onions from between the rows of slow veg.
Lettuce can often be grown between rows of slower-growing vegetables or as a catch crop on ground before or after another crop.
A catch crop is one that matures before the ground is occupied by another crop - radish is the one with which we are most familiar.
Georg Guggenberger, professor at the Institute of Soil Science in Hannover, believes catch crops -- fast-growing crops grown in the space or time between main crops -- are one of the best ways to increase the amount of carbon in soils, at least in Europe.
peas and meet requirements EFAs contain nitrogenfixing crops, fallow, cover, and catch crops.
Grants are also available for catch crops, rainwater harvesting, field drainage and livestock removal from high risk fields.
This will lead to control of weed to satisfactory level using catch crops which make efficient use of nutrient input.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT - Catch crops THE vegetable patch doesn't have to be bare while you wait for the warmer weather for planting crops like French beans, tomatoes and courgettes - catch crops will fill in the gaps.