catch cold

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come down with a cold

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Since it is always fought in the open air, the combatants are nearly sure to catch cold.
My hands will get all sunburned and tanned without my mittens, and I've worn them so long that I'll probably catch cold without them.
I'm afraid he'll catch cold with lying on the damp grass,' said Alice, who was a very thoughtful little girl.
I feared she might catch cold sitting there, and asked her to come in and sleep with me, so she came into bed, and lay down beside me.
She'd go there and catch cold like as not, and have her head filled up with nonsense and excitement.
I'm SO afraid you'll catch cold, aunt--have a silk handkerchief to tie round your dear old head--you really should take care of yourself--consider your age
There were never any bathrooms, and no tubs; our faces and hands were washed, and there was a foot-bath in the room, and in the summer we had a bath and were put to bed afterwards for fear we might catch cold.
said her husband, "and that a woman of your years and size is to catch cold, in such an abominable damp place?