catch cold

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come down with a cold

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To speak heaven's truth, my merit in the action was small indeed, for I had run no risk, and subsequently did not even catch cold from the wetting; but when M.
Gina, lahorwowo wear your clothes you don't want everybody to see you naked or catch cold, not like this.
Children can catch cold from siblings, parents, other family members, playmates or caretakers.
We pray to god for rains so that it the temperature is slightly normalised and we do not catch cold or have fever," he said.
Three cockpit baitwells total 123 gallons; keep the catch cold in either the transom fish box or the 125-gallon box under the cockpit floor.
to expose yourselves too much and too long to the night air, whereby great numbers of you catch cold.
The surrounding hills catch cold air pockets and precipitation and push them into the valley, making the preserve one of the coolest and wettest spots in Maryland and creating an isolated refuge for species normally found much farther north.