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I don't even know how many catch basins I got in this town," Mr.
Seven to 16 days after the catch basins were treated, each catch basin was examined again for the presence of viable mosquito larvae with the same dipping procedure as before.
In all of these jobs, you'll find a stream flowing into a pool, which spills into a catch basin.
TIP: Insert the downspout elbow directly into the catch basin by cutting a hole in the top plastic grate.
Two new catch basins are being installed to direct water to the new tank, which will feature a controlled release into the larger pipe and into the off-site catch basin.
You can do this in a number of ways, but the most basic methods involve placing the weir wall and the catch basin correctly.
Municipalities, large and small, around the country use Stetco machines (Stetco [TM] Products, West-borough, Massachusetts) to provide a cost-effective, year-round solution to heavy-duty catch basin cleaning requirements.
Tenders are invited for work includes asphalt resurfacing, installation of sod swale, installation of new ads catch basin or approved equal with the pipeline, installation of concrete sidewalk and cleaning of the existing catch basin (1) and the drainage pipeline connecting to the batting cage, repair and restore to original condition existing pavement, markings, sidewalks, pavers, curbs, driveways, pipes, any other underground utilities, and landscape areas damaged as a result of the construction activities
We've been basically pulling drain holes and catch basin covers to see if we can find anything other than storm water entering the system.
He was responsible for developing the company's first Camel sewer and catch basin cleaner.
The simplified method of calculating the size of a catch basin (or surge tank) capacity is to allow room for one gallon of water for each square foot of pool water surface area.
Its unique (patent-pending) design incorporates an adjustable support rod that not only protects the curb inlet from stormwater containing sediments, oil, and debris, but also provides a 2- to 3-inch barrier on the open curb side to prevent debris from falling into the catch basin from the street side.
Powerful vacuuming has similarly enabled the department to establish a catch basin preventive maintenance cleaning program for the first time.
Quinn, president, said about five gallons of hydro-seed went down a catch basin after a hose burst.
During aircraft testing in the 1960s and `70s, wastewater containing solvents was allowed to flow into an earthen catch basin - the suspected source of the TCE contamination.