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Residents near the landfill say the smell has gotten worse since Los Angeles County work crews began clearing the catch basins of waste and debris carried down by a series of storms and mudslies and dumping the muck at Sunshine Canyon.
Seven to 16 days after the catch basins were treated, each catch basin was examined again for the presence of viable mosquito larvae with the same dipping procedure as before.
A catch basin with insert and filters costs about $750.
If there are residents who think cleaning catch basins is easy in small towns around here, they are mistaken.
The intent of this specification is to provide for the purchase or lease of one (1) new and unused single-engine combination sewer and catch basin cleaner used for removing all debris commonly found in catch basins/storm lead structures and sanitary sewer lines/manhole structures using a front mounted operating station.
But in built-up communities - where there are lots of asphalt and concrete highways, streets, parking lots and driveways - much of that hot mess ends up in catch basins, which eventually flush into neighborhood brooks, harming ecosystems and wildlife habitat.
The City of Lauderhill is hereby requesting proposals, from qualified Contractors for inspection/cleaning of catch basins and provides reports on the City s storm drains, pipe and culverts as directed by the Department of Engineering and Environmental Services (D.
Its unique (patent-pending) design incorporates an adjustable support rod that not only protects the curb inlet from stormwater containing sediments, oil, and debris, but also provides a 2- to 3-inch barrier on the open curb side to prevent debris from falling into the catch basin from the street side.
Glenn Rink, AbTech's president and CEO, said the Smart Sponge Plus antimicrobial filter material had not previously been used in this type of application, but it had proven effective for removing and reducing bacteria concentrations in stormwater runoff with the Ultra Urban Filter(R) Catch Basin Insert.
To handle severe storms, the improvement project includes installing an 18-inch pipe, eight inches larger than the existing pipe, to take rainwater gathered from the courthouse parking lot to the off-site Route 197 catch basin, Mr.
During aircraft testing in the 1960s and `70s, wastewater containing solvents was allowed to flow into an earthen catch basin - the suspected source of the TCE contamination.
We've been basically pulling drain holes and catch basin covers to see if we can find anything other than storm water entering the system.
He was responsible for developing the company's first Camel sewer and catch basin cleaner.
Projects are prioritized based on West Nile Virus concerns, drainage issues, and other ongoing development or CIP work including: Installation of new drywells; replacement of trash racks, catch basin grates, and manhole covers; the installation, modification, or replacement of drainage structures such as catch basins, scuppers, and pump station installations and repairs; and pump replacement and improvements to retention basins located within the public right-of-way.
BOSTON - State transportation officials said civilian flaggers would be out working on paving and catch basin cleaning jobs in Sutton, Winchendon, Orange, New Braintree and other parts of the state yesterday in an effort to replace more costly police road construction details.