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Synonyms for catcall

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Words related to catcall

a cry expressing disapproval

utter catcalls at

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A viral video has brought renewed attention to the catcalls, whistles, and jeers many women put up with when walking down a city street.
While Roberts received over a hundred catcalls from men all off background, Simpson was largely ignored.
Worse, catcalls that "England won the War" shows ignorant insensitivity to the memories of millions of Russian, American and Anzac dead.
When he stopped to pose for photographs and answer questions from the press, his words were further drowned out by insults and catcalls.
He attended a Hillsborough Memorial Service and through a barrage of catcalls and boos, from some who had heard it all before and had understandably lost trust, he promised us the truth.
From catcalls to leering colleagues, the "Not Your Baby" tool provides withering one-liners to tackle a range of compromising situations, the Daily Mail reported.
Several parts of his speech to the GMB annual conference in Brighton were interrupted by shouts, boos and catcalls from delegates, while some held up a banner which read: "Vince Cable not welcome - Stop Attacking Workers' Rights.
The catcalls happened off camera when Grey and Hough were being interviewed only seconds before Palin spoke with host Tom Bergeron about her daughter Bristol, who is a contestant.
He said that PML-N had always wanted the government to complete its legal and constitutional tenure, even at the cost of bearing vicious catcalls of friendly opposition, but ironically the government, ignoring the issues, was bent on axing its own self, which could usher in a political change.
The SP chief believes women are only meant for catcalls," said Moiz Fatima, a Congress worker.
After the game he appeared to cup an ear in response to catcalls.
Turner is well aware that Pools fans are fed up after receiving catcalls from the terraces and can understand their angst, but he has stressed since pre-season that it will take time for his new-look team to gel.
Harvard University basketball's starting point guard Jeremy Lin has faced the stereotypical catcalls of "too skinny," "too short" and "go play violin like the rest of your people," despite the fact that he led his high school team to a state title and is Harvard's top scorer.
Perhaps they were Tottenham or Arsenal fans allowing their club allegiances to spill over into the international arena, but the Chelsea defender did not deserve the catcalls for his error which led to Kazakhstan's goal.
Against the background of a cacophony of Catalan catcalls, Ronaldo's customary pre-penalty gunslinger stance appeared as confident as ever.