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Synonyms for catcall

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Words related to catcall

a cry expressing disapproval

utter catcalls at

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Bacani said all forms of sexual harassment including cursing, wolf whistling, catcalling, leering, among others, should be prohibited because they can lead to more serious offenses.
The issue is not whether catcalling is offensive but whether states and cities need to pass specific laws to combat the behavior.
Still, what's not to like about a performance that gets an audience hooting and catcalling over the clatter of bristle brushes and trash-can lids?
The alleged activities included rape, criminal sexual contact, leering, and abusive catcalling of inmates.
Quezon City's Ordinance 2501 or the amended City Gender and Development Code prohibits catcalling and other acts of sexual harassment in public places.
The audience was apparently so taken aback by the complex music and daring choreography, that they started booing and catcalling within minutes of the piece starting - and by the end of it, some of them were brawling in the aisles.
Due to the nature of his routine, the audience was unaware that he was stricken and began catcalling when he remained prostrate on stage.
The concept backfires when the telecast swells to a record three hours plus; the crowd is so hostile that catcalling greets a long acceptance speech by the producer of the musical ``Raisin.
Why does catcalling make us feel scared, humiliated, and helpless?
People just started booing and catcalling the robbers as they made their way to the getaway car.