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Synonyms for catcall

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Words related to catcall

a cry expressing disapproval

utter catcalls at

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In a report by Manila's ABS-CBN News, Gutierrez claimed that the 'old men' had catcalled the group, made lewd gestures and snapped photographs of her daughters Lorin Gabriella, 15, and Venice Bektas, 14, in an incident that left them feeling uncomfortable and reduced them to tears.
After the race in Islamabad on Sunday, the riders, mostly aged in their 20s, swapped stories about being gawped at or catcalled when they go out.
Davao: A female TV reporter had the shock of her life when the Philippines' president-elect Rodrigo Duterte catcalled her after she raised a question from among the media team assembled at a nationally-televised press conference.
However, it took two years at Philadelphia's La Salle College, where he "couldn't walk into the cafeteria without being catcalled," to convince his parents in 1967 to let him go to New York City.
Quezon City Police District (QCPD) director, Police Brigadier General Joselito Esquivel Jr., made the statement after a 22-year-old communications manager reported to the police a construction worker who catcalled her last week.
'It's never okay to be catcalled,' says activist and writer Naomi Fontanos.
The complainant, 'Sandy,' positively identified Cena as one of the two policemen who catcalled her as she was walking on Katipunan Avenue on the night of Nov.