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Synonyms for catcall

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Words related to catcall

a cry expressing disapproval

utter catcalls at

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The Cubs appear to be hiding from the view of the fans while allowing their batboy to be subjected to the humiliation of catcalls from the stands.
Even more important is the role that book clubs can play in teaching young girls how to protect themselves from sexual harassment--from street catcalls to groping to rape.
Undoing your own good work is an odd legacy and a reason why David Nicholson goes hearing catcalls instead of applause.
So far, single mom and college student, Lance has collected lots of catcalls and wolf whistles - but only about 90 dollars.
Several parts of his speech to the GMB annual conference in Brighton were interrupted by shouts, boos and catcalls from delegates, while some held up a banner which read: "Vince Cable not welcome - Stop Attacking Workers' Rights.
Despite having a history of spats with US crowds, with catcalls of 'Mrs Doubtfire' of ten thrown at Monty, the 47-year-old insists he doesn't anticipate any problems if he is made a vice-captain in Chicago.
He said that PML-N had always wanted the government to complete its legal and constitutional tenure, even at the cost of bearing vicious catcalls of friendly opposition, but ironically the government, ignoring the issues, was bent on axing its own self, which could usher in a political change.
Barring a brief respite in the eighth, when the Olympic gold medallist finally put together a combination of any note, catcalls continued to rain down throughout a poor ten-round, non-title bout.
It is derogatory, the invention of a subset of men who in anger at society wish to set themselves apart with self-effacing irony in a desperate attempt to preempt the catcalls of the cruel and ignorant.
The Boro winger was singled out for catcalls from the Upton Park regulars, no doubt largely because of his links with England's uncertain form in their Euro qualifiers.
which is one rare sight, about as atypical as another recent happening in the desert -- coach Lute Olson hearing catcalls, the unkind variety, as his Arizona Wildcats were pounded on national television by North Carolina.
The former chief executive doesn't like it but catcalls are nothing new to him - an old French teacher once compared him to hardline Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev.
In 1967, she joined the LPGA Tour and immediately faced catcalls, death threats, obscene telephone calls and snubS by tournament volunteers.
And Cole, despite being born and bred in London's East End, is also sure to come in for his share of catcalls after again having to defend himself against allegations that he is a diver.
A recent gig in Glasgow w as continually interrupted by catcalls from the audience, culminating in an onstage mooning by one increasingly irked clubgoer)