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a sailboat with a single mast set far forward

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When scallops were concentrated along the edges of shoals or in narrow channels, the catboat fishermen using sail had to wait until the wind was in the proper direction to harvest scallops.
In a catboat that had two fishermen towing 6 dredges, each drift had to collect at least a half bushel of scallops for them to obtain their daily limit, and still have the time to open all the scallops by late afternoon.
By the 1920's and 1930's, a typical bay scallop boat was a converted catboat, about 23 ft (7 m) long, usually driven by a small gasoline engine and propeller.
Scallop fishermen with large boats were incensed at this law, because baymen with a $15 sharpie could harvest as many scallops as those with a $500 sloop or catboat. They believed that the people who were making from $2 to $4 an afternoon opening scallops would be deprived of that employment, because when fewer scallops are taken two men in a boat could do their own opening.
Following retirement, he and Florence moved to Pawcatuck, CT where they were active in the Catboat Association and Greenhaven Sailing Club.
"Usually the quahoger-built boats kept the catboat's square stem and shallow draft, but when anchored stern to the waves the square and flat construction of the stern made them pound.
At this time, Edgartown also had about 40 long-rake fishermen who dug quahogs in 1.5-4.5 m of water from catboats and other boats.
It was constructed with a stout wooden handle about 1.5 m long that allowed for towing with a rope under sail from a catboat, sloop, or small schooner.
The catboats in several customer service calls are AI-based and several companies are now dedicating wings for developing AI based catboats.
"Catboats, lanchs, and canoes: apuntes para una historia de las relaciones de las islas de Providencia y Santa Catalina con el Caribe Centroamericano e Insular a traves del construccion y el uso de embarcaciones de madera".
There were models of the wooden boats that made the industry famous--from graceful schooners to sturdy catboats and working skiffs.
Now, more than 30 boats, identified as catboats, catamarans, ketches, schooners, sloops, sunfish, and yawls are docked as homes at Tambobo Bay off Siaton town, Negros Oriental.
In the 1870's, fishermen began digging quahogs with long-handled rakes from their anchored catboats and taking bay scallops with hand dredges from sailing catboats.
Other chapters review the various boats used by east coast lobstermen, Chesapeake bay watermen, commercial and sport hunters of waterfowl, flat-water sail boats (sharpies for oystering, catboats, etc.) and a variety of others, i.e., skiffs, dinghys, dorys, and rowboats.