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a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods

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But, at the same time, there's a frustrating unevenness of tone, with some characters appearing almost catatonically stilted (and that's not meaning the son force-fed Valium) while others are frenetic and cartoonish in comparison.
The note is loaded with cruft, the extent of which has not been fully appreciated: even Jeffrey Karnicky, who claims that the filmography's entries reveal the work's "asignifying stasis," really argues that they represent (signify) that stasis via how the films' characters are made catatonically passive by the spectacles they watch (91-123).
I was a catatonically shy child, very blonde so that when I blushed I turned screaming pink, and unable to muster thoughts in the panic of standing up in front of people.
One of the bleakest films ever made, from one of Cormac McCarthy's bleakest books, pick this 2009 offering for date night and you'll end the night a catatonically depressed couple.
When the two gals eventually bond, Lou persuades her straight-arrow dad (Bernard Campan) and catatonically depressive morn (Breitman) to allow No to move in.
Deborah Zoe Laufer's prize-winning End Days, for example, is an update on the nuclear family revolving around a teenage Goth girl with an Elvis-impersonator boyfriend, an unemployed and catatonically depressed father, and a Jewish mom who has a bizarrely personal relationship with Jesus and is actively promoting the Rapture to family and neighbors.
* "Be sure to feed kitty her cod liver oil," said Tom catatonically.
They did not so much dumb it down as render it catatonically stupid and their faithful audience built up over decades fled not in their thousands but their millions.