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characterized by catatonia especially either rigidity or extreme laxness of limbs

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Statistical Association between Menses and Biological Variables during the Second Catatonic Episode.
revealed back in April that a particularly strong strain of spice was causing people to go into catatonic states and collapse on the floor.
He is at his most masterly in the middle act, basically an ingeniously sustained sight-gag where the various attempts by the now catatonic Eva to commit suicide are misinterpreted by her guests.
Watching football leaves me catatonic. I'm avoiding the Olympics like the plague
Mr Ashley didn't become a Zillionaire by being a mug, hopefully he can lend his expertise and business acumen to revitalise this catatonic giant, he may also like to put another bar in the upper Gallowgate, but that's for the future.
But in terms of excitement and spectator appeal, well, I went to watch a bullseye match when I was 14 or so and was carried home in a catatonic trance.
Interestingly, 20th Century Fox, whose executives became catatonic during the shooting of "Titanic," seem prepared to finance Cameron's next movie even though its survivors still shrivel when recalling the traumas and shouting matches.
America was in nothing if not a catatonic state throughout the Eighties, and the Minutemen's music--all angular stops and starts, challenging lyrics and blink-and-you-missed'em songs--was a metaphor for the kind of alertness required to fight back against the encroaching mediocrity.
Not all of Leatherbury's runners have been claimers - he has won Grade 1s with Taking Risks and Catatonic. He says of racing: "It's gotten to be a way of life, and it is my life.
Overheated parents pushed catatonic youngsters in strollers.
Ramon Thielen as the sometimes catatonic Strang, Donald Williams as his psychiatrist, and Duncan Cooper as Nugget, the lead horse, were all splendid.
"Is he dead?" Alice (Helen Mirren) asks hopefully when her husband, Edgar (Ian McKellen), goes into one of his periodic catatonic trances.
BERLIN -- Catatonic schizophrenia may be more common than previously thought, Dr.
Was it to underscore the production's view of Olympia as a catatonic?
Mildly catatonic, slightly stuck-up, small-town barber Pokey (Don McKellar) is conned by an exuberant, immoral roadie (Valerie Buhagiar) into helping her transport a suspicious corpse across the border.