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characterized by catatonia especially either rigidity or extreme laxness of limbs

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So if the Dawgs look catatonic to Hinson, it may just be that they just don't show their fire all the time like he does.
Clearly, the senator merely wants to squeeze from the hearing whatever publicity it can provide him and his catatonic campaign, he said.
The first refers to catatonia as indicative of schizophrenia, while the other consists of a symptom-centred view positing that catatonic symptoms are motor symptoms pinpointed in numerous psychiatric pathologies, including neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Patient responded to treatment with steroids, Hyroxychloroquine and azathioprine in addition to clonazepam and fluoxetine for her catatonic behavior.
Kiki greets her but is informed that Heather is catatonic.
IN A near 50-year career, Robert De Niro has played a steel worker, boxer, fire fighter, spin doctor, comedian, rapist, taxi driver, catatonic patient and, incomprehensibly, Frankenstein's Creature.
99 NELL Sweetzer (Ashley Bell), the sole survivor of a bungled exorcism, is discovered in a catatonic state.
Be warned, though: Dream Team's somnambulant opening hours could send experienced role players into a catatonic state of their own.
His weak mother is nearly catatonic with fear (and drugs) of her abusive, addicted, live-in boyfriend who brutalizes James at every opportunity.
must have been faking his catatonic act, because he was not on medication, according to a source.
Far from slouching around the house in her dressing gown, catatonic with sleep deprivation and the bloody battle that is childbirth she should, according to Gina's new book The Contented Mother's Guide, 'schedule a date night' with her partner and put sex back on the menu within weeks of the birth.
At the moment it is not even possible to see on the UoW website who is on the governing body, and find out who these catatonic individuals are.
00pm Based on a true story, Robin Williams plays Dr Malcolm Sayer, who is charged with caring for a group of catatonic patients, who begin to respond to a variety of stimuli.
On the way back to the United States, they talk of their wartime adventures in hopes of rousing Lieutenant Janet "Davy" Davidson (Claudette Colbert) from a catatonic state.
He is at his most masterly in the middle act, basically an ingeniously sustained sight-gag where the various attempts by the now catatonic Eva to commit suicide are misinterpreted by her guests.