catastrophic illness

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severe illness requiring prolonged hospitalization or recovery

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The covariate factors in our study included gender, age group (20-44, 45-64 and ≥65 years), income, catastrophic illness, seasons, geographical area of residence (north, middle, south, east and outlet islands of Taiwan), urbanization level (level 1-4), and level of care (hospital center, regional hospital and local hospital).
Three categories of Islamic spirituality were identified: Connectedness to Allah, Daily Practice, and View of Catastrophic Illness. These categories constitute the most essential elements of Muslim faith in context with health and illness.
"Our foundation has long strived to support families with a child with a catastrophic illness," said Mr.
Caps on yearly out-of-pocket medical expenses will mean people shouldn't have to worry about bankruptcy after treatment for a catastrophic illness or injury.
* Many plans provide catastrophic illness benefits.
Just less than 30,000 people developed rheumatoid arthritis during this period, and their details were entered into a national (catastrophic illness) registry of the National Health Insurance Database (NHIRD).
But today, with advances in medicine and medical technology, the chances of surviving a catastrophic illness are greater than ever.
28 -- rogyasri Health Care Trust (AHCT), a Government initiative offering health insurance scheme to Below Poverty Line families (BPL) for treating catastrophic illness, has partnered with SAS - the leader in business analytics software and services.
That they should suffer a catastrophic illness that their insurance refuses to cover, leaving them nothing to be so bent out of shape about re: the estate tax?
Policies like Critical Benefit can help alleviate the financial burden and stress that can come from the unexpected costs associated with treatment and recovery of a common catastrophic illness.'
I'm not going into a nursing home." This is an interesting denial, especially in cases where they have witnessed the passing of a loved one who had a catastrophic illness. In any event, this is a topic that must be discussed because of the effect a catastrophic illness can have on an adult's finances.
No one, young, middle-aged, or old, can predict when a catastrophic illness will strike.
This book reads like the book Love Story, but with the harsh realities of how a couple deals with a catastrophic illness. Catastrophic illness is a taboo in our modern 21st society.
How many times have you heard the tragic story of a friend, family member or client who contracted a catastrophic illness at a young age?
The need for additional cash-on-hand in the event of a catastrophic illness, however, still remains.
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