catastrophic illness

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severe illness requiring prolonged hospitalization or recovery

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The CCSF s Department of Human Resources ( DHR ) invites proposals from firms* accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission ( URAC ) in Workers Compensation Utilization Management to provide Workers% Compensation Bill Review, Utilization Review, Medical Provider Network Quality Analyses, and Catastrophic Illness Eligibility Medical Reviews for the CCSF s self-insured workers% compensation program ( Program ) in compliance with all applicable state laws and regulations.
Tina entered the critical care unit of Orange Regional Medical Center because of a catastrophic illness.
However, far fewer producers know that life settlements are also available to much younger insureds, with no age minimum, who suffer from terminal or catastrophic illness.
STAY WELL: African-Americans have double to triple the risk of developing a catastrophic illness compared to other ethnic groups.
But citizens of this country have a history of being there for neighbors, coworkers and business associates who have experienced a catastrophic illness or event.
When someone comes into the emergency room with a catastrophic illness, you have to focus on the biological aspect really fast.
org is one of the three programs offered by the non-profit organization Brave Kids, founded by Kristen Fitzgerald, who suffered the loss of two children to catastrophic illness.
Factor into your plans adequate funds for emergencies and unplanned expenses such as unemployment, catastrophic illness or necessary home repairs.
Some have lost money from higher-than-expected utilization and isolated (but expensive) cases of catastrophic illness in their facilities.
Salick's experience has been dealing with catastrophic illness and long-term, multidisciplinary care," says Brian Saltzman, head of Bentley's HIV program in New York City and former codirector of the Beth Israel Medical Center AIDS In-patient Unit.
It is no longer safe to assume that you're under no obligation to recommend estate planning for the purposes of catastrophic illness.
Almost anyone who is asked reveals a preference for 100-percent coverage of catastrophic illness.
According to this report, some 20 million Americans will fall victim to catastrophic illness each year.
Ragan's HOPE is focused on helping families contend with the many financial and emotional challenges that emerge when a child struggles with a catastrophic illness or injury.
Alzheimer's is a catastrophic illness,'' said Cherry of the Alzheimer's Association.
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