catastrophic illness

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severe illness requiring prolonged hospitalization or recovery

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Tina entered the critical care unit of Orange Regional Medical Center because of a catastrophic illness.
How many times have you heard the tragic story of a friend, family member or client who contracted a catastrophic illness at a young age?
While in the throes of a catastrophic illness, a lower-middle-class American will spend more time worrying about going bankrupt than about getting well.
Holding up a dog-eared copy of the House bill, DeFazio said it will end the practice of denying coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and the practice of capping coverage, which puts a financial strain on those with catastrophic illness.
And by gaining access to necessary health care services, more catastrophic illness might be avoided.
Steven Bailey, defending, said: "These serious offences of dishonesty were triggered by a catastrophic illness which has been diagnosed as gambling.
The contributors, an international cohort, address the process and theories behind reconceptualizing challenges in entrenched political divides, covering such complex issues as mind/body dualism, theoretical tension between nature and constructionism, "strategic intersectionality" in Canadian Quebecois culture, the theoretical and practical relationship between militarism and patriarchalism in political philosophy and education, third-wave feminism and its cultural engagement with political activism, and the self in catastrophic illness.
Lessons From The Miracle Doctors: A Step By Step Guide To Optimum Health And Relief From Catastrophic Illness by Jon Barron (member of the advisory board of The Health Sciences Institute) is a no-nonsense guide that anyone can follow to optimize their diet, nutrition, exercise, and life habits for improved well-being, especially when confronted with the specter of severe health threats.
catastrophic illness is often a cause of bankruptcy in China.
The HopeCircle program provides help and hope for individuals and fatuities suffering with catastrophic illness.
That person previously boasted a good credit rating, but because of some financial devastation, such as catastrophic illness, the report has turned in the opposite direction.
STAY WELL: African-Americans have double to triple the risk of developing a catastrophic illness compared to other ethnic groups.
But citizens of this country have a history of being there for neighbors, coworkers and business associates who have experienced a catastrophic illness or event.
THE movie John Q, starring Denzel Washington, dramatized it and we all may know somebody who has experienced it: a catastrophic illness without adequate insurance.
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