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inflammation of the nose and throat with increased production of mucus

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A CATARRH or mucus is often to blame for a persistent cough.
It claims to be good for soothing dry coughs, inflamed and irritated throats, hoarseness and getting rid of catarrh.
Last year after flying I had really bad sinus and catarrh problems which ruined half of my holiday.
Expectorants can encourage the release of troublesome catarrh and help increase lung capacity.
But during or just after a heavy cold, flu or infection, large amounts of mucus or catarrh in the nose can block the openings of these tubes.
QI HAD flu between Christmas and New Year and have been left with a chronic catarrh problems.
Ivy-Thyme Complex is a combination of herbs formulated to help soothe coughs which are associated with catarrh and other bronchial symptoms.
After taking antibiotics, I'm still producing catarrh.
An excess of mucus or catarrh builds up in the airways, which means that coughing is often followed by gagging and retching so that it appears that your dog has something stuck in his throat.
We had lots of discussions with the vets and they discovered she had malignant catarrh fever, which usually has a 100 per cent death rate.
November 1964: Confined to bed with catarrh infection
Certain food can contribute to the formation of catarrh.
I have been having catarrh discharge from my mouth through my throat for the past 4 months.