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Synonyms for cataract

Synonyms for cataract

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

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an eye disease that involves the clouding or opacification of the natural lens of the eye

a large waterfall

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Cataract ranks as the leading cause of blindness and low vision worldwide.
Cataract status was determined by lens examination with a biomicroscope and ophthalmoscope, and opacities were categorized into nuclear, cortical, posterior capsular, and mixed type (any combination of the above).
Here, everything is focused on the care of the cataract and refractive patient, from dedicated staff training to specialized diagnostic and surgical equipment.
The authors believe that one possible explanation might be that women are exposed to one or more "sex specific" factors that increase both the risk of developing a cataract and dying.
By staying healthy (and monitoring health through annual physicals), sticking to a balanced diet and scheduling regular eye exams, says Iwach, you can greatly reduce your chances of developing debilitating eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts.
However, because 98 percent of surgical procedures for cataracts are free of complications, experts consider cataract surgery to be one of the safest and most successful forms of surgery.
The first involves potential acuity meters that allow an individual to see around a cataract and predict what the eyesight will be if the cataract is removed.
Subjects with the lowest carotenoid levels were found to have a seven-fold increased risk of cataract compared with those with high blood levels of carotenoids.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Cataract.
The North American ophthalmology cataract surgery devices market was valued at $2,699.
Be able to work within a multidisciplinary team, knowing the roles of Other health care professionals, including knowledge of cataract shared schemes (2.
Main outcome measures included incident cataract and visually significant AMD responsible for a reduction in best-corrected visual acuity to 20/30 or worse based on self-reports confirmed by medical record review.
8220;We're extremely pleased to offer the ORA System with VerifEye for our cataract patients,” said Dr.
Mr Pande (pictured) is the medical director and ophthalmic surgeon at the Vision Surgery and Research Centre in East Yorkshire and is part of a campaign to make advanced cataract surgery available on the NHS in the UK.
A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye, causing blurred vi WHO CAN EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE THEM?