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a medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc

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In 1725 the records indicate that the professional personnel included three senior physicians, three junior physicians, three senior surgeons, two junior "experienced" surgeons and six medical practitioners and a phlebotomist, with two assistants, "applying leeches, cataplasms and vesicants".
49) I have had a most difficult course to steer, and if I please some, I shall doubtless offend others, but the misfortune is, the cataplasms of Friends are not sufficiently emolient to cure the hard thumps of Enemies.
6 In an 'Appendix', Baynard enters upon two additional subjects one is tempted to link to Tristram Shandy, the first, the use of cold water to cure an 'aedemitous Tumor, such as are often on the Knee, call'd a White Swelling', the alternative cure for which may be cataplasms made of the 'hot anti-scorbutic Plants' (447-50); and the second, the cure for weakenings, 'both Atrophys and Phthisics, by drinking of Goat's-milk, where both Asses and Cows have fail'd' (470).
The surviving text edited here comprises 409 recipes, which are divided into chapters according to the following categories: "theriacs" and electuaries, "divine remedies" and purgative electuaries, decoctions, pills, confections, pastilles, stomachics, cataplasms, oils, beverages, enemas, collyria, and linaments.
For the hot cataplasm application, good heat retention is required (Cara et al.