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a reduced or scarcely developed leaf at the start of a plant's life (i

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Further heterophylly (defined here as the abrupt changes between leaves within the same shoot) occurs along short shoots of Berberis and Mahonia, as shown with the profound changes between the cataphylls and the foliage leaves in both taxa.
Cataphyll single, slightly furrowed; opening lengthwise;
Cataphylls three; apex acute; thick claw-like ligular fibrous extensions.
Cataphylls triangular basally, linear-lanceolate apically, 3-8 cm
It is also important to note that cataphyll traces are not girdling in extant cycads (Stevenson, 1990b).
Some of the seeds still show the remains of their desiccating sarcotestae (c) Apex of a coning Encephalartos friderici-guilielml plant showing emerging cataphylls around the base of each cone, as well as a layer of tomcntum or "wool" between the older cataphylls lower down (d) The damaged stem of an Encephalartos transvenosus individual from which bark has been harvested for traditional medicine.
Bulb subglobose, 20-30 x 20-30 mm, prolonged in a short collar up to 2 cm, sheathing the proximal part of the under*grown stem; cataphylls brown to stramineous, broadly ovate, apex cute, often fimbriate.
Kuijt (2003), notwithstanding the absence of basal cataphylls, kept the species in the genus Phoradendron.
Morphological analysis: The primary axis was formed by three (rarely four) translucent cataphylls before the formation of the first eophyll, which occurred 15-30 days after the germination.
the floral bracts in the fertile part of the inflorescence in Vriesea splendens and the cataphylls along the stolons of Aechmea distichantha.
Cataphylls of the middle Triassic cycad Antarcticycas schopfii and new insights into cycad evolution.
Study of the minute "ligules" in the smaller and presumably more primitive species indicates that they are indeed cataphylls (Wanntorp et al.
seasonal growth flushes interspersed with cataphylls, lower pinnae often