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any of several plants of the genus Catananche having long-stalked heads of blue or yellow flowers

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We suggest that the pollen type, which is also similar to that of Catananche in tribe Cichorieae (Wortley et al., 2007), may represent something close to the plesiomorphic pollen condition for Cichorioideae as a whole.
For a frothy-look to the border then Catananche caerulea "Bicolor" (cupid's dart) is a heart-winner.
I've had success with baby's breath, bachelor's button, calendula, carnation, catananche, coreopsis, crocosmia, delphinium, foxglove, hydrangea, lavender (blooms and stems), love-in-a-mist, purple coneflower, roses, scabiosa, statice, sunflower, and yarrow.
Cupid's dart, Catananche caerulea 'Major' has thin blueish green leaves and forms clumps up to two foot tall and with a spread of about one foot.
COLLECTION D: Catananche; Canterbury Bells; Hollyhock; Honesty; Pansy.
Brachypodium phoenicoides, Catananche caerulea, Elymus hispidus, Elymus repens, Erigeron acer, Galium verum, Gladiolus illyricus, Hypericum perforatum subsp.