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a boy who submits to a sexual relationship with a man

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Further down the same page, a catamite attacks with his buttocks
1) He does not moralize about catamites, is willing to recognize Ottoman cultural achievements, and does not assume a racial hierarchy in which "Turks" are necessarily barbarous and cruel.
Certainly this provides Stephen with ample ground for suspecting Mulligan of same-sex desire, especially as they leave the library after a conversation involving Wilde, catamites, and a supposition that the novel's hero, Leopold Bloom, is "Greeker than the Greeks" (9.
On Meyers's own evidence (whose accuracy I am not in a position to test), Maugham was far from repressed: he had an active sexual life until he was in his late eighties, he had many lovers, sailors were procured for him from the ports of the Mediterranean coast of France and brought to the Villa Mauresque, and there was no shortage of catamites during his oriental voyages.
In this text, Luther refers to those at the top of the Church hierarchy as "hermaphrodites, androgynes, catamites [cynaedi], buttfuckers [pedicones], and similar monsters of nature" (qtd.
return to our screens, with Esther Rantzen and her catamites (they're the ones that hang down from the ceiling)?
It is full of catamites and character catastrophes, "all the sad young men" about whom Mabel Mercer used to sing, and they are lumped together with Toomey's wide range of heterosexual targets in this superficially sprawling but intricately crafted novel.
Right now in Afghanistan, for example, Pashtun warlords fondling their catamites no doubt would laugh out loud or perhaps reach for a dagger if someone called them "homosexuals.
But the real point of anxiety centered on the possibility that such a subject might desire to assume the passive function: this was the class of ostensibly effete males variously labeled as cinaedi, catamites, pathics, and the like.
As Warren Bennett has noted, the patrons' focus on the barman's appearance ("You're fatter, James"), their affected language ("Don't neglect to insert the brandy, James") as well as Phil's later reference to them as catamites in a deleted fragment of the ending (Item 681), among other things, suggest that they are homosexuals (237).
Homosexual activists identify these as lesbians, sodomites, catamites, sado- masochists, and possibly pedophiles cohabiting from one to three years depending on the legislation targeted for "modernizing".
bawds, mimics and catamites of the former court grew out of fashion
A list of his catamites can be assembled from various scholia.
In her essay, "Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender, and Boundaries," Gayle Rubin emphasizes the torsional relationship between discourses of masculinity and "butch" or female masculinity.
As a reward for our efforts, Styron asked us round the next day for a lunch of what he called "crab looie," and, lo and behold, who should fetch up with a pair of unemployed catamites than one of the she-condors, Herself.