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a boy who submits to a sexual relationship with a man

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second catamite works even harder to elicit a response from
This part of the elenchus, then, will have purchase on Callicles only if what is lawful refers to the conventions about the catamite and the coward that Socrates has just highlighted--in which the pursuit of pleasure, or the avoidance of pain, causes one to violate what is lawful.
Thus the switch from sodomitical "Turk" to catamite "English" traveler between these two plays is both revealing and carefully handled.
For reasons of personal revenge, Silures/Buckingham, "the Catamite of our time," blocks the Spanish marriage negotiations.
You don't have to sing Die Wacht am Rhein to be patriotic, and it is possible to be loyal to a general derided in the songs of his men as a bald-headed catamite.
The OED lists the first recorded use of catamite in English as that by Michael Drayton in The Moon Calf, a long poem published in 1593.
For instance, in chapter 3, DiGangi calls attention to research that the words ganymede, ingle, and catamite first appeared in English at the beginning of the 1590s, yet he does not engage with what might subtend this linguistic novelty.
All Pulp Fiction's other females orbit the "active" males they're paired with as if attached by Crazy Glue, in one case requesting "oral pleasure" with the languid coquettishness of a teenage catamite.
From early times it was believed that Ganymede's kidnapper had a homosexual passion for him, hence the term catamite, derived from the popular Latin form of his name.
10) On (presumably) day two, he says that he is attacked by a catamite who super inguina mea diu multumque frustra moluit ("over my groin he ground a lot and for a long time in vain" 23.
the idea that sexual preference is indicated by the stars at a person's nativity would seem to suggest that homoeroticism, and in particular the roles of catamite and tribad, are innate and inalterable" (Konstan 170).
But what are we to assume about the ganymede or catamite himself?
2) Moreover, a citizen must always take the active role of pederast, never the passive one of catamite.
But before the naysayer could finish his spiteful diatribe, Crispus had drawn his flintlock rifle and shot the man, whom he had long suspected, and no doubt correctly, of spying for the British, and what's more, for being a catamite and a Mahometan.