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a sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck

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One of the key features of the Iranian-made catamaran is that it is able to sail into shallow waters about two meters deep, he said.
The RNLI crew rescued two adults who did not requite medical assistance and the catamaran was towed back to shore.
In the choice of engines for the new catamaran, the technical concept of the Series 4000 Ironmen engines was a major factor.
Once inducted into the People's Navy, students, both male and female, would be assigned to 10- or 12-member units, one unit per catamaran.
A helicopter was deployed to the area and vessels between Cyprus' and Israel's sea area were informed to look out for the catamaran.
The Catamaran Company is the worldwide leader in all aspects of the catamaran market," says Gemini Catamarans President Laura Hershfeld.
The combination of Catamaran and OptumRx, which will operate as OptumRx, offers scaled, innovative pharmacy care services driving unmatched value to clients and consumers.
Multihull Solutions will also be displaying the popular Lipari 41 Evolution sailing catamaran at the show, which continues to be one of the top choices for cruising sailors throughout the world.
Lagoon has been building luxury catamarans since 1984 and has sold over 3,200 of them since then, with the company holding a 35% market share in sailing catamarans worldwide.
com, and for industry news and information follow Catamaran on Twitter, @CatamaranCorp.
This new catamaran meets the latest EPA standards for a vessel of its class and is 40 percent more fuel efficient when compared to traditional monohull boats.
AN OFFSHORE windfarm catamaran had to be towed to shore after fears of a fire onboard.
ASTRANDED catamaran and its crew had to be towed to safety after loose rope became tangled in its propellers.
South Island tourism company Southern Discoveries is continuing to invest in new business opportunities after signing on the dotted line for a multimillion-dollar new high-speed catamaran.
AE[currency]KABAT (CyHAN)- The building of the Charlak passenger catamaran at the international seaport of Turkmenbashi is about to be completed.