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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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The previously mentioned homogeneous platinum catalyzed systems are utilized in many applications that involve electronics and fiber optics because of issues with volatile byproducts or corrosion associated with silanol-based systems.
1995) Zirconium catalyzed enantioselective methylalumination of monosubstituted alkenes.
The results show that the activation energy of the catalyzed AP has increased from 138.
Different letters within parenthesis indicate significance difference between different catalyzed processes.
More developed pieces, such as Portland filmmakers Matt McCormick and Chris Larson performing lush yet lo-fi rock to McCormick's looping film of blue sky, gulls lifting and dropping in and out of the frame; or Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna's riveting set, a virtuosic pop performance of Judaic texts and rituals, including a song made by eating apples and spitting/singing them back out, catalyzed a kind of attentiveness that made meaning happen.
I am excited to report that we are moving into the realm of high-volume manufacturing of our proprietary catalyzed substrates," said ESW president and CEO David Johnson.
m] value for sulfation of the R-(+)-enantiomer of 1-naphthyl-1-ethanol catalyzed by SULT2A1 was 3.
Under normal conditions, the chemical reactions that take place between part 1 and 2 ate slow (until catalyzed by part 3 amine) as are the side reactions.
Application: Mills can be use a catalyzed CTMP process with an interstage sulfonation process for aspen pulp to obtain a higher tensile strength and better optical properties compared to spruce TMP.
Refolding of mature subtilisin BPN' is extremely slow unless catalyzed by the independently expressed prosegment, leading to a bimolecular complex.
Enzyme Catalyzed Therapeutic Activation (ECTA) Technology
On the other hand, the last phosphodiester transfer reaction that 1 described was more difficult chemically to do than the phosphodiester transfer reactions catalyzed by the spliceosome.
This (Washington State Transportation Center) study evaluates catalyzed hydrogen peroxide process modifications that enhance the full-scale development of catalyzed hydrogen peroxide soil treatment.
Let us suppose further that all the chemical reactions in the set must be catalyzed (facilitated by another molecule, a catalyst) if they are to proceed rapidly enough to keep the network going.
C-C or C-N Reactions Catalyzed by Diadamanthylphosphine Palladium Based Catalyst Supported on Dab-Dendrimers