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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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The foundation's goals tally with the Bank's effort to catalyze Africa's transformation over the next decade by leveraging its own resources and significantly scaling up development finance for the benefit of its Regional Member Countries (RMCs).
This would leverage public funds and policies to catalyze a blend of financing from private sources for increasing green infrastructure investments.
Catalyze, with jockey William Carson riding as if his life depended on it and earning himself a seven-day whip ban for his troubles, got the gamble home by a neck.
The downside came after he had steered Richard Guest's Catalyze home in the Platers And Stampers Selling Stakes.
Yarus' team focused on a ribozyme - a form of RNA that can catalyze chemical reactions - with only five nucleotides.
Following the integration, users will be able to create test plans and scripts from requirements and use cases in Catalyze, automatically in QADirector.
The enzymes that catalyze these reactions are a superfamily of cytosolic sulfotransferases.
If extensive reactions occur before the part 3 amine is introduced to catalyze part 1 and 2, problems can occur.
Despite its universal importance in DNA synthesis, different organisms have evolved diverse enzymatic cofactors to catalyze this reaction.
Glutathione S-transferases are liver detoxification enzymes that catalyze the addition of glutathione to xenobiotic electrophilic compounds, solubilizing them and labeling them for transport to the kidneys for elimination.
The hypothesis that certain RNA molecules may be able to catalyze RNA replication is central to the RNA world scenario (4).
In time, however, it was discovered that platinum (and also other, cheaper metals) would catalyze many reactions involving hydrogen, and such metal-catalyzed reactions became very important in industry.
This chemistry handbook surveys the chemical formulations of ligand platforms in homogeneous transition metal complexes that catalyze organic transformations based on the hydrogen transfer.
With the Remiges' well-connected US-Japan cross border investment unit Taiho will be tapping into the US/Europe biotech start-up community as well as catalyze the company's R&D to supply unique cancer treatment to patients.