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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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Further, Taiho will be tapping into the US/Europe biotech start-up community and catalyze the company's R&D to deliver innovative cancer treatment to patients, Taiho conceives to utilize the investment.
Catalyze, with jockey William Carson riding as if his life depended on it and earning himself a seven-day whip ban for his troubles, got the gamble home by a neck.
The downside came after he had steered Richard Guest's Catalyze home in the Platers And Stampers Selling Stakes.
Yarus' team focused on a ribozyme - a form of RNA that can catalyze chemical reactions - with only five nucleotides.
Following the integration, users will be able to create test plans and scripts from requirements and use cases in Catalyze, automatically in QADirector.
Hydroxysteroid (alcohol) sulfotransferases (SULT2A) catalyze the sulfation of several endogenous steroids and many exogenous xenobiotics.
Chorismate mutase catalyzes the rearrangement of chorismate to prephenate that can subsequently be converted to aromatic products such as tyrosine or phenyalanine.
We are very excited to partner with Baird Capital given their significant experience and network within healthcare, said Catalyze.
SteelTrace Catalyze Integrates With Compuware QACenter to Improve Collaboration, Eliminate Rework in Delivering Quality Applications
Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) and SteelTrace today announced the integration of SteelTrace's Catalyze product with the Compuware QACenter product line.
The new coating material staves off clotting because its copper ions catalyze the production of nitric oxide in the blood, says Mark Meyerhoff of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Respirable particulates containing transition metals such as iron, vanadium, nickel, and copper are known to catalyze the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) such as the highly damaging hydroxyl radical (Smith et al.
The invention also provides methods for assaying a synthetic receptor library to determine suitable synthetic receptor(s) which (a) bind an acceptor molecule; (b) exhibit biological activity; (c) which catalyze a reaction or inhibit a catalyzed reaction; and (d) separate compounds in chromatography.
The ability of metal complexes to catalyze organic reactions or create new ones selectively is part of a strategy to find new synthetic methods.