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Synonyms for catalyst

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

Synonyms for catalyst

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

something that causes an important event to happen

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Global Global and China Auto Catalysts Market Size (Sales) Market Share by Type (Product Category) [, Two Way Catalyst & Three Way Catalyst] in 2018
Catalyst believes that the Insider Buyout Proposal greatly undervalues the company across each of its real estate, retail and iconic brand attributes.
Key Words: Solid superacid; Catalyst preparation; n-butyl acetate; Esterification
In all cases, the system with a diesel cold start concept catalyst showed clear advantages during the cold start period of the engine operation, resulting 3-4% overall NOx reduction efficiency increase under HDD FTP testing cycles.
A third type of customer might provide a laboratory formulation and rely on the know-how and experience of Evonik in the scale-up and large-scale production of the newly developed catalyst, while a fourth may want to develop an optimised catalyst jointly with Evonik for a completely new process.
The firm will be presenting a Technical Poster on its new series of catalyst and additives technologies that enable HFO blowing agents.
has announced its acquisition of the polyolefin catalysts business of BASF SE for an undisclosed price.
CORMETECH's world-class SCR Catalyst testing and inspection suite is expected of a leader within the field of SCR catalyst design and optimization.
Adding Monarch's global activities in oils and fats hydrogenation catalysts will broaden Evonik's current catalysts portfolio.
According to the latest KCC survey, annual hydrotreating catalyst demand in existing refineries in Kuwait is about 4,300 tonnes and expected to increase to about 16,000 by 2018 after the startup of both the new refinery and the Clean Fuels Project.
The application of this catalyst to the liquid phase catalytic exchange process[7], is expected to overcome significant technological hurdles with regards to improving the reliability and efficiency of systems for collecting tritium from tritiated water.
Monarch buys all the spent catalyst, largely hazardous waste, from its clients, recovers the nickel using environmentally sound processes and sells it back to them.
Only the bimetallic Pd-Pt-IMP catalyst exhibited reduced PtO on [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] at 216[degrees]C.
Elastosil Catalyst NEO is the newest addition to Wacker's portfolio of catalysts for two-part, room-temperature-curing mold-making compounds, also known as RTV-2 compounds.
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union has named 24 credit union professionals to serve as members of its newly formed Catalyst Councils.