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Synonyms for catalyse

change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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Our support will contribute to the Global Alliance s goal to catalyse a global market for clean cookstoves that will see 100 million homes adopt clean and efficient cooking stoves and fuels by 2020; and our active engagement will help influence the partnership and encourage a solid, evidence-based approach.
Human enzymes can only do one or the other, but bacterial enzymes can do both, which explains their ability to catalyse a wider range of reactions.
Only a single metal centre is needed to catalyse the reduction of oxygen to produce water, according to researchers in the US.
Le Prix de catalyse, parraine par la Fondation canadienne de catalyse, est remis bisannuellement a un chercheur dont la contribution au domaine de la catalyse est consideree comme exceptionnelle et ce, pour la recherche effectuee au Canada.
The Veridium process leverages mechanical processes to generate ultrasonic energies that in turn catalyse the reformation reaction at lower temperatures.