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Synonyms for catalogue

Synonyms for catalogue

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make an itemized list or catalog of

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


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New terminology used in RDA is highlighted, providing a good starting point in helping the cataloguer to understand the new terms introduced.
Throughout the chapter, the cataloguer is pointed to the specific instructions and appendices to use within RDA, which is especially useful for those less experienced in navigating the RDA Toolkit.
Furthermore survey of 266 public, special and academic libraries showed that employers across all types of library do not only require an accredited degree for new cataloguers but in addition an understanding of Cataloguing Code (AACR) rule interpretations, classification, subject analysis, authority control and integrated library system operations (Hall, 2006).
Beside it appears researchers and cataloguer professional are all concern with recruitment, education and careers of cataloguers and realises that something needed to be done.
The structure in cataloguing thus remains basis for subsequent information retrieval and cataloguers are essential in library service to complement and create resource discovery too that aid users in their search (Bothmann, 2007).
Besides as the implication of technological innovation become clearer, cataloguers have looked to the future with concern what cataloguing will entail in the new millennium, especially in developing countries with low levels of Integrated Library Systems.
Therefore adopting the methods and instrument used by Buttlar and Garcha, 1998, Hider, 2006 and Leysen, 2009 with some modifications, main duties of cataloguers and duties outlined in literature were in corporate into the survey research instrument.
Two of the libraries indicated there were between 3-6 cataloguers while the other three libraries indicated cataloguing staff strength of eight (8).
They reported that the three libraries sampled witnessed changes as a result of the application of ICT in organising library materials and thus there were some changes in the role of cataloguers to supervision and administrative functions.
Yusuf & Nkiko, (2010), reported a similar finding on demographic study of surveyed cataloguers in their study.