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a librarian who classifies publication according to a categorial system


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John Cathrall, a cataloguer at Vectis, holding the judo outfit, and, inset, the cricketer's outfit, wrongly described as 'Olympic Champion' |
Throughout the chapter, the cataloguer is pointed to the specific instructions and appendices to use within RDA, which is especially useful for those less experienced in navigating the RDA Toolkit.
Although Sir Isaac is known for his work in physics, the 39-year-old cataloguer from Penarth said he also had a strong interest in other sciences such as anatomy and medicine.
Myographia Nova, once owned by Sir Isaac Newton, was discovered by rare book cataloguer Ken Gibb
This project was a new initiative involving diverse areas working together: the metadata provided by a music cataloguer was embeddded in the files before they were loaded into the repository.
In the case of cataloguers, this loss of control has come about largely because of the widespread use of cataloguing networks or bibliographic utilities, i.e., services that provide libraries with access to online databases containing millions of cataloguing records.
It requires the mastery of a set of rules such as the AACR2 or other cataloguing rules and the use of cataloguing tools to catalogue information materials while online cataloguing deals with searching and locating cataloguing data through online cataloguing databases, which give the cataloguer access to an unlimited number of bibliographic data online (Ruteyan, 2007).
Cataloguer and auctioneer David Nathan said: "A lot of investors are fed up with the banks for a number of reasons, not the least of which is interest rates, which mean earnings are very low.
Elizabeth mitchell has joined Peter Francis Auctioneers of Carmarthen as cataloguer and assistant valuer.
Other appendices have been rewritten and enlarged and incorporate useful tables to assist the cataloguer.
Taking a cataloguer's approach, Welling expands his oeuvre not in a linear and continuous progre ssion but laterally and from multiple points at once.
The study explores current job functions performed by cataloguers in Nigerian academic libraries, examine the facilities in use and survey the changes in cataloguer functions with the advent of information processing devices.
The objective of this paper is to show that the advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are not a hindrance but a complement to the tools used by the cataloguer to do his/her work.
Ota, Nigeria Table 1: Distribution of Respondents by Sex Sex Frequency % Male 16 46 Female 19 54 Total 35 100 Table 2: Distribution of Respondents According to Work Experience as Cataloguers Work experience as Cataloguer Frequency % 1-5 years 25 71 6-10 years 7 20 11-15 years 3 9 16 and above -- -- Total 35 100 Table 3: Distribution of Questionnaire according to University affiliation University affiliation Frequency % distributed distributed University of Lagos (Unilag) 25 68 Covenant University (CU) 12 32 Total 37 100 University affiliation Frequency % retrieved retrieved University of Lagos (Unilag) 23 66 Covenant University (CU) 12 34 Total 35 100 Table 4: Changes in cataloguing practices Changes in cataloguing practices CU.
Cataloguing and classification are two integral exercises carried out by cataloguers' on information resources such as books, journals and digital materials to facilitate their arrangement and easy retrieval Oduwole (2005) affirms that classification and cataloguing are scholarly activities which need skills and competences.