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Synonyms for catalog

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

to register in or as if in a book

Synonyms for catalog

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


Related Words

make an itemized list or catalog of

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What emerges first and foremost from their recommendations is a reaffirmation of the assistance library catalogs must provide to users.
Bean uses a lighter-weight paper in the 200 million catalogs it prints each year, from sustainably managed and Maine forests.
DLIS manages the Federal Catalog System (FCS) and serves as the National Codification Bureau (NCB) for the United States.
There are several reasons why your homegrown vegetables may not look as good as those pictured in seed catalogs.
Recently, the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board (ATB) held that two retailers were not liable for use tax on the cost of catalogs and other direct-mail materials distributed to Massachusetts residents from outside the state (J.
The catalog department in the library organization.
In 1994, almost half of the 30 million African American population ordered merchandise from catalogs, while 14% ordered from televised home shopping programs, according to DMA spokesperson Christina Duffney.
Interactive Catalog Corporation is the developer of the Know-it-All series of interactive catalogs and the proprietary iCat interactive catalog engine, which can be licensed by manufacturers.
Among the 10,000 catalogs available, some are from the same stores you'll find at the mall, while others are dedicated to special interests - from reproductions of famous paintings to gifts for serious bird-watchers.
We have come to take the relatively mature and well-tested technology of union catalogs (both in the narrow sense of union catalogs for clusters of libraries and the broader sense of international community-wide union catalogs such as those offered by OCLC and RLG) very much for granted and, at least in our rhetoric, sometimes cast them as archaic constructs that will soon be replaced by fully distributed search approaches enabled by standards such as the Z39.
ActivePoint, the technology leader in contextual search and smart online catalogs, is based in New York, NY with development facilities in Netanya, Israel.
This important resource is a useful tool for entrepreneurs searching for catalogs to pick up their product, vendors looking to expand their customer base in the catalog industry, market researchers, small businesses investigating new supply vendors, along with the library patron who is exploring the available catalogs in their areas of interest.
Analysts say American catalog sales fill a sizable gap between the high-priced goods, especially clothing, sold in local department stores and the junky hodgepodge of merchandise offered in most Japanese catalogs.
LC's own internal consistency, applied to catalog records produced for its own catalogs, coupled with its catholic collections, led to the widespread use of its cataloging card sets distributed through the Cataloging Distribution Service by other libraries which were able to rely on this dependable standard.
The reason for the growing popularity of catalogs is, obviously, convenience.
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