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Synonyms for catalog

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

to register in or as if in a book

Synonyms for catalog

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


Related Words

make an itemized list or catalog of

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The Supply Policy Division of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-4, Headquarters, Department of the Army, is studying the possibility of centralizing the cataloging of commercially procured and non-type-classified items at Army level for Active Army units.
Guidelines for standardized cataloging of children's materials.
Normally the office chosen is part of the national cataloging organization.
Even though there is considerable duplication between the OCLC and RLG] databases, we can reasonably conclude that the two databases combined provide cataloging data for at least 3,000,000 music score and sound recording items.
The moral of this story is that cataloging and the Internet are, for the intermediate future, irrevocably connected.
The continued cataloging by the GPO of online documents, especially those that no longer have a print version, means that there is better descriptive and subject information about the documents than there is for most Web pages.
Historically, DLIS has produced a bilingual catalog of the Classification and Naming Standards as one of the cataloging handbooks on the "H-Series" CD-ROM publication.
There are eight or 10 qualified fulfillment vendors who specialize in cataloging and have all the systems in place to track phone calls, fax or mail orders and provide all the inventory and media reporting necessary to manage a catalog business.
Develop and articulate general principles of descriptive cataloging of rare materials as a whole;
A cornerstone for supporting such forces is the interoperability between North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and non-NATO nations through the use of a common system like the NATO Codification System (NCS) for item cataloging and stock numbering.
The program offers the flexibility of performing all material cataloging, database management, and reporting from a central site--or through Data Management Clients located at individual sites.
MONEY-SAVING TIP: If you are going outside and buying or contracting for this service, make certain the people doing the study know cataloging and have undertaken this type of assignment before.
BASIS Techlib is a fully Web-based integrated library system that automates cataloging, authority control, circulation, serials control, and acquisitions.
For example, some Canadian academic libraries employ paraprofessionals for derived and/or original cataloging within particular subject areas.
Of course, the economics of cataloging become very good on repeat sales, which is why you'll hear so much emphasis on building your house list.
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