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Synonyms for catalogue

Synonyms for catalogue

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make an itemized list or catalog of

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


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In their chapter about collaborating with other library departments, Lubas and Sever Bordeianu hit home in saying that active collaboration is the way to escape from the persistent stereotype of catalogers working and being isolated in the back room.
Set goals for increased productivity: Although the cataloging department did not normally have cataloging quotas or production norms in place, all participating catalogers received an expected level of work for the duration of this project.
The geotextile information was harder to find, so the catalogers did a search of the Naval Inventory Control Point Supply Center--Philadelphia's web site that provided a number along with a description of the geotextile's uses.
Many small catalogers use high recycled contents, but because they often cater to an environmentally conscious clientele, it's the industry giants that activists are targeting.
While cataloging may be a small field in terms of the number of catalogers, it is very large in terms of the number of countries that subscribe to the NCS.
When it comes to prospecting for new customers online, most catalogers continue to have mixed results mostly on the poor side.
Whatever the cause, it represents a challenge to paraprofessional catalogers.
NEW YORK - Direct-mail sales of home textiles continued to grow in 1994 but higher costs and increased competition are squeezing profits for catalogers this year.
Cataloging statistics may also be used to supervise the progress of training of individual catalogers and, if used with care, may provide objective data for some aspects of performance evaluation.
The Specialty Wine Retailers Association is a nationwide collection of wine merchants, auction houses, wine e-tailers, catalogers and wine clubs including 1-800-flowers.
Although geared towards professional catalogers, the introduction notes that the work is intended "to provide a basic explanation.
Forty years ago, OCLC Online Union Catalog and Shared Cataloging system (aka WorldCat) was launched when catalogers at Ohio University cataloged 133 books online from one terminal.
While at Indiana, Koth became one of the first catalogers to contribute headings as part of the NACO Music Project.