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Synonyms for catalogue

Synonyms for catalogue

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make an itemized list or catalog of

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


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Portal sites, shopping sites, communities, affiliate programs and rented e-mail lists are being used to build the catalogers e-customer files.
Where information needs change rapidly, and where subjects interconnect in ways not foreseen by catalogers or indexers, information seekers must become skilled in formulating searches and evaluating results (Fiscella, 1989).
Responses to these questions indicated that most catalogers who use Google as a cataloging tool use it in much the same way I described earlier.
The inclusion of AACR2 in Cataloger's Desktop ensures that cataloging will employ standardized description, which in turn makes the cataloging interchangeable from one catalog to the next.
catalogers have not given up on Japan is the launch of several Japanese-language e-commerce sites in the past few years.
Interestingly, catalogers' pricing of queens at a healthy $43.99 will not hamper their penetration of that business, which shows there is room at the top when the selection is right.
LC catalogers followed a particular set of LC-specific rules, the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, with a tendency to follow a "vast set of particular precedents, rather than general principles, which might be applied in a common sense manner" (Gallagher, 1991, p.
Today, most catalogers submit jobs to their printers electronically.
Authority files are used by catalogers and reference librarians to identify each person corporate body or uniform title in a unique way so all of their works are listed in one place.
In his new position, Mantegani will be responsible for leading the sales efforts for Globe, Anderson Hickey and United Chair companies among the office superstores, mass merchants, catalogers and other retail channels.
Cataloging statistics may also be used to supervise the progress of training of individual catalogers and, if used with care, may provide objective data for some aspects of performance evaluation.
These are just a subset of the challenges facing the cataloging community and this book presents eighteen articles addressing both specific issues and larger ones such as the transition of catalogers into metadata librarians or recruitment and training of future staff.
Koth has created or published several other resources that provide valuable day-to-day aid and advice to music catalogers, non-music catalogers trying to catalog music, and reference librarians.
Consider the example of a modestly sized, pure-play cataloger. It uses a service bureau that says it specializes in working with small catalogers.
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