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a librarian who classifies publication according to a categorial system


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Fast Video Cataloger 3 is a professional video media manager that makes videos as easy to handle as images.
Descriptive impressions of managerial and supervisory cataloger positions as reflected in american libraries, AUTOCAT, and the Colorado State Library: A content analysis of education competencies and experience.
original: If a cataloger worked with a substantial amount of original cataloging, (s)he would have a lower production expectation than a cataloger who did primarily copy cataloging.
Catalogers at the Defense Logistics Information Service recently assisted the Navy in its relief efforts for December's tsunami.
To be fair, most catalogers are not willfully destructive.
Based on these assumptions then, the cataloger would see the following P&Ls for each type of order:
This catalogue is indeed a gem, not only because of the quality of its printing but also because it facilitates comparison between "original" and cast, and allows one to think about the uncanny timeliness of Twombly's sculptural output (there have been no stylistic changes whatsoever from 1948 on), but we might have wished for a more authorial presence from the cataloger, whose intimacy with the work is topped only by that of the artist.
With the introduction of in-house automated systems, and specifically circulation control systems, bar code labels were added to physical processing tasks, being affixed to the physical item, then scanned and linked to the bibliographic record created by the cataloger.
She has been a music cataloger at Yale University since 1990, but had previously been part of the Associated Music Libraries Group Title II-C retrospective conversion grant at Indiana University, where she converted over 15,000 music bibliographic records.
In terms of your work as a cataloger, in what areas do you find Google to be most useful?
6 billion cataloger to its portfolio, but also gives the traditional retailer an exclusive upscale home furnishings brand.
Peruvian Connection is one example of a cataloger that has kept its finger on the pulse of the Japanese market since it entered that region in the 1990s.
It was also considered that the best means of becoming fully acquainted with LC practice was to be employed as an LC cataloger (Gallagher, 1991).
Paul Hawken, the author of The Ecology of Commerce and head of cataloger Smith & Hawken, told them: "There are a lot of things that come between you and your Calvins.
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