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Synonyms for catalog

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

to register in or as if in a book

Synonyms for catalog

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


Related Words

make an itemized list or catalog of

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Marketers, it found, continue to use print catalogs to target a range of demographics.
Speaking of the traffic tracing of the online page flip catalog, 1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Mac is Google Analytics integrated, providing premier statistics for retailers to tweak and hone the page flip catalog.
These six catalogs each can be multiplied by a hundred, and that 600 will not encompass all the learning-dream books available to us.
Shoppers generally spend 10--15 minutes with a print catalog and only about eight minutes with an iPad app.
"The role of the print catalog is generally to capture interest," said Gehrke, senior vice president and executive creative director.
Catalog items are now easily available via multiple online channels:, MouserMobile, Advanced Digital Catalog, Mobile-Compatible Catalog, PDF Catalog, or print catalog.
However many of them could be detected when two or more catalog sources are available.
To get the most from gardening catalogs and websites this season, follow this helpful advice:
Orgill's commercial/industrial catalog programs help retailers reach out to a wide array of commercial customers with needs ranging from:
In the course of one year, most households receive between 25 and 115 catalogs. This represents a minor irritation to just about all of us, a major irritation for some and a monumental irritation to the life support system we all depend upon.
We recommend two: catalogs to improve purchasing abilities of others within the organization, and spend analytic tools to monitor rogue purchasing activity.
Information in the hardcopy catalog is current as of Oct.
Mui There is a scavenger hunt going on inside Saks Fifth Avenue's holiday catalog.To entice shoppers to flip through each of the 180 pages, the luxury retailer sprinkled dozens of snowmen throughout the book.
A group of environmental organizations has developed the California-based Catalog Choice, which provides a free online service that allows customers to choose the catalogs they no longer want to receive in the mail.
The NMP catalog, which features recent music by such established composers as Georgy Agachev, Andry Espay, Karen Khachaturian and Boris Tistchenko, as well as rising young composers like Vera Astrova, Alexander Klevitsky, Vadim Kulev, Alexei Larin and Oleg Oblov, will be represented by Carl Fischer in all of North America.