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a trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli

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In all but one latency to move all four subject, these levels did paws when placed on a not reach levels flat surface within 120 comparable to those seconds and catalepsy demonstrated in defined as latency to nonlesioned animals return all four paws to following tail-shock table surface within 120 stress.
The plant was evaluated for various behavior parameters like catalepsy (bar test), muscle rigidity (rot rod test), and locomotor activity (actophotometer) and its effect on biochemical parameters (TBARS, GSH, nitrite, and total protein) in rats brain.
In "Going Cataleptic: Ecstatic Extremes and 'Deep' Thinking In and Around Diderot," Anne Vila investigates the commonalities between the exalted emotional state of ecstasy and the previously unexplored medical discourse on catalepsy in eighteenth-century France.
In a lethal catalepsy, they depart from their bodies on a journey through the otherworld akin to Er's in Plato's Republic.
Sankaran describes the passive reaction keywords of this family: exhaustion, weariness, fatigue, dullness, catalepsy, dull, boring, uninteresting, tedious, monotonous, lackluster, lifeless, exhaustion, gloomy.
8) one animal study showed diminished catalepsy with chronic aripiprazole use, in contrast to persistent catalepsy with haloperidol.
Prevention of (Skisher) intellectual Technology and science depression and park of Taiwan catalepsy (Hesin Jo) 3.
Comparison of isomers of Ketamine on catalepsy in the rat and electrical activity of the brain and behavior in the cat.
8-10] In this case the combination of the antidepressant paroxetine (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and dexzopiclone (a non-benzodiazapine hypnotic) controlled the symptoms but--despite full withdrawal from alcohol--the narcolepsy and catalepsy symptoms recurred when the medications were stopped so the patient had to be continuously treated with paroxetine.
A good example is catalepsy of the arm--a rigid arm the subject cannot move, stretched out in front of him.
0 mg/kg dose, which did not produce a significant increase in catalepsy scores, compared to vehicle control.
Apparent death also called lethargy or catalepsy is characterized by minimizing the vital functions, anesthesia and coma.
Blanchett's imitation of Dylan in the biopic, specifically her use of the body, vividly works in conjunction with Foucault's description of hysteria: "A disease that could express itself in a paralysis or in frenzied movements that could bring on catalepsy or insomnia" (1965: 146).
Nanette never would have been remembered had she not fallen ill, at eighteen, with a variety of nervous symptoms, including convulsions, lethargy, and catalepsy.
A potential consequence of extreme fright, depression, or other nervous disorder, catalepsy produces muscular rigidity, suspension of feeling, and a slowing of bodily functions, including breathing, for varying lengths of time.