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a trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli

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2001), as well as those for ethanolic and acetic acid extracts where ear blanching, catalepsy, and strong hypothermia have been reported (Bejar and Malone 1993).
ITI-002 also reversed the akinesia and catalepsy induced by the dopamine receptor antagonist haloperidol.
Space is allocated for discussion of contemporary diagnostic categories, including hysteria and catalepsy, and their multifaceted social and medical meanings.
The psychobiological dynamics of eating disorders have demonstrated significant hypnotic phenomena such as forms of dissociation, hallucination, time distortion and catalepsy, and therefore, pose hypnosis as a good fit for particular parts of treatment.
What emerged from the following presentation was less the sense of a coherent organised response, and much more that of miscellaneous acts of scrambling, dreaming and catalepsy.
Tennyson's poetry of the 1840s already registers some of the nineteenth century's uncertainty about the boundaries between life and death, with the most significant example from this period being the narrator of The Princess (1847), who suffers from an inherited susceptibility to catalepsy.
Thus, Seretse avoids the double bind of the native in the colonial situation; either petrification, if colonialism, has prevented the development of his indigenous culture, or catalepsy, if the native's education alienates him from his culture (Jan Mohamed 1983: 5).
Indeed, a number of synthetic agonists have been developed for this receptor, and they produce strong intoxication, movement impairment, decreased learning and short-term memory, pain relief, and, at high doses, a loss of movement known as catalepsy (Howlett 1995).
Effect of ethanolic leaf extract of Ocimum sanctum on haloperidol-induced catalepsy in albino mice.
The determinants and functions of female catalepsy in this species remain obscure.
Hypnotizability assessments were based on eliciting hypnotic phenomena such as eye catalepsy, arm levitation, spontaneous amnesia or time distortion (16).
In behavioral tests, the treated animals showed a dose-dependent increase in catalepsy and decrease in locomotion.
Pinter injected a certain senility into language and counted on a credulous public to mistake catalepsy for depth.
Catalepsy causes bodily functions to slow down to such an extent a person can appear dead.
It was only a telegram, but the medium ``went into catalepsy and made mumbling noises,'' and the seance ended in failure.