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a trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli

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According to this view, those who devoted themselves fully and intently to learned and creative endeavor had unique ways of feeling and sensing--including, in Diderot's estimation, a tendency to slip in and out of "catalepsies" when they were gripped by an idea.
The mysterious protagonist of that tale goes cataleptic toward the end of the story, perhaps to illustrate the idea that "a deep meditation, a beautiful ecstasy may be [...] catalepsies in the making." (47) Louis's hypertrophied brillance shines brightly in his adolescence, when he and the novel's narrator become so "impassioned" for catalepsy that they try to "withstand pain by thinking about other things" and carry out experiments "analogous to those of the convulsionarles of the previous century" (Lambert, 768; Balzac's emphasis).
(5) "Point de penseurs profonds, point d'imaginations ardentes qui ne soient sujets a des catalepsies momentanees.
Fixity of ideas was also a defining characteristic of cataleptics, a patient group that Tissot examined in his Traite de la catalepsie, de l'extase, de la migraine, et des maladies du cerveau (1780), part of his multivolume Traite des nerfs.
The absence of any sexual etiology is also apparent in the accounts of "studious" catalepsy which Tissot included in the Traite de la catalepsie: the cases related by Fernel of two men who were overtaken by the disease while reading and writing, and just froze in place (TC, 18).