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a small tubular cavity containing the root of a hair

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MAHLE Powertrain and Catagen, the developer of the Maxcat, unveiled the Maxcat machine at the 2013 North American Auto Testing Exposition held in Novi, Mich.
Santo said there are three growth phases for each hair folicle--the anagen phase, the active growth phase in which cells form the hair shaft; the catagen phase, in which the hair stops its growth cycle but doesn't fall out; and the telogen phase, in which the hair falls out to be replaced by new hairs.
Hair growth is controlled by a unique repetitive cycle comprised of anagen, catagen and telogen phases (Stenn and Paus, 2001).
This is the hair cycle and it has 3 stages: Anagen, is the active growth period and its length varies from one person to another, lasting about 1,000 days or more; Catagen is the resting or intermediate period, lasting about 10 days; Telogen is the shedding period, lasting about 100 days.
In catagen, the hair follicle stops producing the fiber and regresses, shrinking dramatically.
DEATH, known as the catagen stage - when hairs are shed (about 100-150 per day).
One is the anagen, or the growth phase; then, a catagen, or resting phase; and finally, a telogen, or shedding phase.
The hair follicle life cycle comprises the telogen, anagen, and catagen stages.