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a decorated bier on which a coffin rests in state during a funeral

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The strange reality of the Red Book, or "New Book" as Carl Jung called it, lies close to the heart of Catafalque. In meticulous detail Kingsley uncovers its great secret, hidden in plain sight and still (as if by magic) unrecognized by all those who have been unable to understand this mysterious, incantatory text.
After the ceremony, the public will pass through the Rotunda for six hours to pay their respects to McCainby filing past his coffin, which was brought into the Rotunda and placed atop a pine board catafalque originally constructed in 1865 for President Abraham Lincoln's casket.
Here was an upwelling of emotion the likes of which France had not seen since the funerals of Victor Hugo and Edith Piaf, since the catafalque of Jean Jaures went up the Rue Soufflot.
Let glass & steel become her catafalque. Let her rest like a beautiful lie.
Il etait presque quatorze heures quand le catafalque enveloppe dans l'embleme est arrive sous un soleil de plomb.
Funeral of the solider was placed at the catafalque and his biography was read.
A professor from the University of Bologna delivered the funeral oration in the church of San Domenico, which was draped in mourning and decorated with a monumental, temporary catafalque presenting a life-size sculpture of Sirani in the act of painting.
Yet, on a more playful note, they also made wishes by tossing handkerchiefs and tying knots in colorful silks; some children circled the catafalque of Sheikh Adi, their foremost saint, in a manner that can only be described as skipping; families spread picnics in the shade; and others scattered sweets around a freshly baptized toddler.
Even the dress blue uniforms on three of us standing at attention facing the catafalque as the bugler sounded the 24 mournful notes of "Taps" were actually black except for white gloves touching hat brims in salute.
Ranks of soldiers in Union blues and pallbearers, including several direct descendants of those who accompanied Lincoln's casket in 1865, retraced the route from a downtown train station in a replica hearse to the old capitol square, where it rested on a catafalque during opening ceremonies.
In the brief time when he and Charlotte first returned to Chicago, he believed he had "waked up in time and beat that," but by now he has realized that their "respectable" life is the "stinking catafalque of the dead corpse" of their love (118).
Diane Clarke's flute flutterings in the finale were worthy of Mozart's Queen of the Night, but best of all was the awesome catafalque of sound Curtis drew in the adagio's funeral march.
But they did allow a Mass to be said for the deceased prelate at Ignatius Cathedral (where a catafalque was placed in front of the altar) as well as Masses in the funeral home where throngs of people, including members of the Patriotic church, went to pay their respects.
The Painted Hall, where Nelson's catafalque remained on public display for years after his state funeral in 1806, was hung with naval and maritime scenes by artists from Van de Velde onwards, and Turner's huge canvas of the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, painted for George IV in 1823-24, was moved from St James's Palace to Greenwich, not as is often thought as banishment for a picture that the King's naval advisors considered inaccurate, but as the centrepiece for a new national celebration of Britain's naval prowess.
Le celebre Moussem annuel de Moulay Idriss Al Azhar s'est ouvert jeudi a Fes, par la ceremonie traditionnelle de presentation du Catafalque ou "Kessoua".