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migrating from fresh water to the sea to spawn

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Freshwater eels of the genus Anguilla are catadromous fish with long spawning migrations expanding from a few hundred for tropical eels to thousands of kilometers for temperate ones (Aoyama 2009).
American eel are facultative catadromous species that have a life cycle that encompasses thousands of kilometers to complete (USFWS, 2011a).
Members of both species require some level of salinity in very early stages, hence the "catadromous" spawning activity--living in fresh waters, spawning in salt, the inverse of salmons and other anadromous fishes.
Catadromous like eels, bekti spend much of their lives in fresh water but lay their eggs in shallow ocean water and estuaries.
The biology of a landlocked form of the normally catadromous salmoniform fish Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns).
As economic surplus is a precondition for the emergence of socio-economic complexity, the documentation of such facilities related to the production of surpluses in the form of catadromous eels and other fish is essential.
Plasma IGF-I increased immediately in salt water in both catadromous and anadromous salmon, decreasing in both strains over a period of time in salt water.
Yoonhee took me to a famous fish market where I pressed my head against the biggest tanks and tried to listen to the low frequency squeaks and squeals of the eels so that I could share in the adventurous planning of their catadromous journey to the western slopes of the Suruga Seamount near the underwater mountains west of the Mariana Islands where they spawn but of course eels in tanks can't go on catadromous journeys or any other journeys which means they wouldn't bother to squeak and squeal about their plans.
Catadromous species spend most of their lives in freshwater, but
Eel is a catadromous species that grows in freshwater and migrates back to the sea for spawning.
Indeed, historical presence of catadromous American eels (Anguilla rostrata) indicates such a migration was possible (Koster, 1957).
Eels follow a reverse migration, called catadromous, as adults live in freshwater and migrate to the sea to spawn and die.