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Synonyms for catacomb

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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an underground tunnel with recesses where bodies were buried (as in ancient Rome)

References in classic literature ?
My heart grew sick on account of the dampness of the catacombs. I hastened to make an end of my labour.
The earlier catacomb inscriptions are mainly in Greek, the lingua franca in trade tying the West to the East.
Cecilia was buried in a catacomb but her body was removed to her titular church in Trastevere where, surviving several exhumations and much alteration to the ninth-century church fabric, it remains today.
Bisconti emphasizes the part played by martyrs' graves in determining the location of Christian catacombs. Curiously, despite the numbers of martyrs commemorated by inscription and fresco, including narrative frescos, few illustrate scenes of violence, that showing execution of Nereus in the catacomb of Domitilla being an exception.
Each catacomb had the potential to house 480 bodies, and each has two stairways, two coffin Graham Marshall lifts and two airshafts.
Another interesting fact has been the discovery of an ancient catacomb at the site, whichdates back to the same period when the site was first settled some 6,000 years ago.So, it is more ancient than any other catacomb found in Europe and the Caucasus!
"The area is consequently free from burial plots though there are underground catacomb chambers.
Washington, June 23 (ANI): The oldest known portraits of Jesus Christ's apostles have been found in a catacomb near St.
* catacomb (n): an underground passageway or cemetery.
In The Kiss, Berger (who somewhat later in his career had a brief stint on Dynasty, as a dissipated European aristocrat, natch) does some embroidery, then enters another velvet catacomb salon, where he is apparently keeping Vezzoli prisoner.
Two broad interior streets unite the complex and give it a cavernous, catacomb urbanity, waiting mute for the transformatory imagination of its users.
A group of Catholics say people will certainly know more after taking the Google catacomb tour: They say the catacombs hold evidence of ancient women priests.
The team - led by Dr Paul Nicholson - are excavating an ancient catacomb at Saqqara, in the desert beside the Nile Valley about 16 miles south of the famous Giza pyramids at Cairo.
Kensal Green was landscaped with care, and the board of the General Cemetery Company (which still owns and manages the cemetery) went to great lengths to ensure that the buildings (two chapels with catacombs, a colonnade over another catacomb, the entrance gate and lodges, and the boundary wall and boundary railings) were architecturally distinguished and soundly built in order to attract custom.
DRUMMER John Walker of Slaithwaite allowed himself a smile when he read that Johnny (of Johnny''s Night Club) turned down The Stones when he ran The Catacomb Cellar Club in Huddersfield.