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strained or paradoxical use of words either in error (as 'blatant' to mean 'flagrant') or deliberately (as in a mixed metaphor: 'blind mouths')

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Its elliptical nature both frustrates a purely cerebral response by endlessly deferring or displacing identity and meaning (see Cook 37) and, through speaking, at times catachrestically, of an ineffable suffering and corporeal loss, inspires an emotional one.
Euripides offers us a series of verbal stretchings that catachrestically miss their target.
In a rhetorical move decidedly similar to Bhabha's "metonymy of presence" Jesus named the moral location of his culture of discipleship the kingdom (basileiva)of God catachrestically invoking that other kingdom, the Empire of Rome.
refers to an individual of the past who bore Odysseus's main intellectual traits, and as such is now called, catachrestically, "a second Odysseus.
Despite his theoretical indebtedness to Foucault, Said asserts his right to differ with him and to use his theory catachrestically in a way that will later be the main method of post-colonial thinkers in their adoption of Western methodological sources.