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strained or paradoxical use of words either in error (as 'blatant' to mean 'flagrant') or deliberately (as in a mixed metaphor: 'blind mouths')

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This overcoming is a kind of power--the power of "omniscience" catachrestically attributed to the narrator of the 19th century novel (and the kind Metz refers to in his misunderstood description of the cinema spectator as "all-powerful, all-perceiving" [48]).
(20) Witnesses and oaths were fundamental components of Athenian court proceedings, but here a foreign slave woman distorts their significance by using the language of proof and evidence catachrestically. Visions that only she can see hardly count as evidence; while the attempt to get the old men to swear an oath as to their veracity may recall certain legal procedures, the Elders' perplexity at this suggestion only intensifies the sense that it is inappropriate.
Its elliptical nature both frustrates a purely cerebral response by endlessly deferring or displacing identity and meaning (see Cook 37) and, through speaking, at times catachrestically, of an ineffable suffering and corporeal loss, inspires an emotional one.
Euripides offers us a series of verbal stretchings that catachrestically miss their target.
In a rhetorical move decidedly similar to Bhabha's "metonymy of presence" Jesus named the moral location of his culture of discipleship the kingdom (basileiva)of God catachrestically invoking that other kingdom, the Empire of Rome.