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Synonyms for catachrestic

constituting or characterized by or given to catachresis

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For Spivak, subalternity is the catachrestic occasion for the subversive interruption/irruption of the other that refuses subsumption--so as to refuse a valorisation of the "oppressed as subject".
But that move was still some way off historically: forty years later, for example, we find John Ruskin in Sesame and Lilies playing the same Coleridgean game, though this time in reverse, with "blind mouths" from Lycidas--a catachrestic or merely oxymoronic locution unless one knows the Greek ancestor of our bishop.
Feldman takes up these questions by considering the catachrestic character of conscience in the major works of Hobbes, Hegel, and Heidegger.
In another critical language we might call it a catachrestic intrusion in a field of meanings that nevertheless underwrites those meanings.
28) Within the Enlightenment-era narratives that first broadcasted it, this catachrestic but ingenious conceit linked somatic response (orality and aurality) with the realities of racial exclusion, nautical travel, and largely capitalistic transculturation.