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subject to catabolism

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In a carrageenan-induced air pouch model of inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effects of MTX are reversed by administration of an adenosine [A.sub.2A] receptor antagonist or the addition of the adenosine catabolizing enzyme, adenosine deaminase.
Fat comprises about 15% of red deer body mass (Hobbs et al., 1982; Moore and Christie, 1984), with individuals potentially obtaining 6 kcal of energy by catabolizing 1 gram of fat (Mautz, 1978).
The archaeal cholesterol catabolizing enzymes were studied and the results in presented in this paper.
Bryant (1979) indicated that the ruminal bacteria obtain energy for growth by catabolizing degradable organic matter to end-products such as C[O.sub.2] and methane ([CH.sub.4]).
Treatment with the plant product 1 resulted in a lowering of lipid profile to a significant level, suggesting that this property of test samples was mediated through PPAR[alpha], subtype, by catabolizing TG and improving HDLC/TC ratio for the maintenance of lipid glucose homeostasis in hamster model (Overtuff and Loose, 1992; Owens et al.
In oxygenated waters, microbes grow by catabolizing organic molecules via aerobic respiration; under conditions of low oxygen availability, either in water mass or in microsites of intense microbial activity, nitrate and sulfate may be used as alternate terminal electron acceptors via anaerobic respiration.
A similar response was observed in Penaeus esculentus by Smith and Dall (1991), evidencing that shrimp can mobilize their own energetic reserves through catabolizing lipids (after 3 to 6 days of starvation) or protein to sustain themselves through food deprivation.