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subject to catabolism

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85 indicating they were not strictly catabolizing carbohydrate.
6] is a cofactor for serine hydroxymethyl transferase, a folate catabolizing enzyme.
Fish are capable of selectively catabolizing particular fatty acids (FAs) while retaining others (reviewed in Tocher, 2003).
Treatment with the plant product 1 resulted in a lowering of lipid profile to a significant level, suggesting that this property of test samples was mediated through PPAR[alpha], subtype, by catabolizing TG and improving HDLC/TC ratio for the maintenance of lipid glucose homeostasis in hamster model (Overtuff and Loose, 1992; Owens et al.
But the metabolic rate had fallen for those in the group receiving beta-blockers, and they were producing more protein than they were catabolizing.
Also, in recent years, urine deposited in snow has been used to judge whether undernourished animals are catabolizing protein sources for energy (DelGiudice et al.
These mutations are responsible for the preventing the action of the enzyme acid alpha-glucosidase, which is responsible for catabolizing glycogen, thereby allowing sugar to accumulate and reach toxic levels in the lysosomes of cells.
The archaeal cholesterol catabolizing enzymes were studied and the results in presented in this paper.