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Similar to other ectonucleotidases, NTPDase1 catabolizes extracellular nucleotides [11].
with the competitive effect (due to the structural similarity) in the Glycation HDL and LDL increased with glucose catabolizes reduce LDL and HDL are excreted [34].
The reticuloendothelial system catabolizes hemoglobin into free iron, globin, and biliverdin, which is rapidly converted to bilirubin.
It may be that the single large dose of vitamin D triggered a short-term "protective" reaction in which the enzyme that catabolizes it was upregulated, "resulting in decreased blood and tissue levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D." This dropoff may have, in turn, raised the risk of falls and fractures.
We are characterizing a tetrachloro-1,4-hydroquinone (TCHQ) dehalogenating enzyme from Mycobacterium chlorophenolicum PCP-1, a gram-positive bacterium that catabolizes pentachlorophenol (PCP).
Comments: Slimming active ingredient that catabolizes the subcutaneous fat to diminish the orange-peel look of cellulite and improve the contour of the figure.