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breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy

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To quantify the methylated catabolism of L-DOPA, we introduced an additional variable, the 3-OMD/L-DOPA ratio.
The database, named Cognia Catabolism because of the ubiquitin systems role in breaking down (catabolizing) cellular proteins, will contain expertly curated information found in the scientific literature to provide a comprehensive structured information resource on ubiquitin system molecules, their attributes and interactions.
tuberculosis H37Rv are highly specific enzymes that function in cholesterol catabolism.
According to the company, these new solutions will accelerate and automate small molecule metabolism and biologics catabolism studies.
Patients with predominant catabolism, may respond better to intensive insulin therapy.
Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is part of a group of enzymes known as the molybdenum iron-sulfur flavin hydroxylases; it is an evolutionarily conserved housekeeping enzyme, with a principal role in purine catabolism by catalyzing the two last steps in purine catabolism, forming uric acid from hypoxanthine and xanthine.
Most of the metabolic pathways leading to their biosynthesis and catabolism are now well characterized, and all but one involve oxygenases belonging to the family of cytochrome P450 (P450) oxygenases.
Genetic variation in enzymes regulating BCAA catabolism may significantly contribute to differences in circulating and tissue concentrations of BCAAs, independently of dietary intake.
There are no data in the literature on the energetic aspects involving lipid catabolism via the glyoxylate cycle.
A short-term dose helped to accelerate recovery from muscle soreness, slow strength decline during recovery and lessen markers of muscle catabolism in resistance-trained individuals.
Vimizim is intended to provide the exogenous enzyme GALNS that will be taken up into the lysosomes and increase the catabolism of GAGs.
It is unclear how increased body mass, independent from physiological factors associated with obesity, influences articular cartilage catabolism.
Catabolism, that breaks down organic matter and harvests energy by way of cellular respiration, and Anabolism that uses energy to construct components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids.
Catabolism - The process of | breaking down molecules for energy.