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breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy

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33) The process begins with choline, an essential micronutrient, which intestinal bacte-rial transform catabolically to trimethylamine (TMA).
In a long-term contaminated environment, some species are liable to be dominated by those microorganisms able to survive in toxic contaminants, showing then less diversity but catabolically versatile bacterial community than those in non-impacted environment (LINDSTROM et al.
In an effort at developing catabolically active microbial cultures that could be of relevance in the bioremediation of petroleum polluted systems, we isolated multiple competent hydrocarbon degrading organisms with dual capacity to produce biosurfactants.
Thus, if retesting is delayed or if the individual is not catabolically stressed, some of the urinary markers may no longer be increased enough to help clarify the diagnosis.
Invertebrate-microalgal symbioses are able not only to reassimilate catabolically produced ammonium but also to take up and assimilate ammonium from the environment (Kawaguti, 1953; Cates and McLaughlin, 1976; Szmant-Froelich and Pilson, 1977; Muscatine and D'Elia, 1978; Muscatine et al.