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small bottom-dwelling sharks with cat-like eyes

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Major findings from this study were that the highest mean length was found in Bull shark (151.67 [+ or -] 7.92 cm) followed by Black tip reef shark (116.25 [+ or -] 2.27 cm) and Silky shark (102.19 [+ or -] 6.29 cm) whereas the lean was found in Ridge back cat shark (46.02 [+ or -] 2.98 cm) (Table 1).
During the study period, the highest landed number was found in Dog shark species (153,696) in Cox's Bazar and the lean in Ridge back cat shark (9) in Chittagong.
Shark species Mean length Mean weight (cm) [+ or -] SD (kg) [+ or -] SD Silky shark 102.19 [+ or -] 6.29 9.25 [+ or -] 3.12 Dog shark 50.87 [+ or -] 2.18 0.60 [+ or -] 0.19 Spot tail shark 55.75 [+ or -] 2.20 0.91 [+ or -] 0.27 Black tip reef shark 116.25 [+ or -] 2.27 4.53 [+ or -] 0.92 Bull shark 151.67 [+ or -] 7.92 29.20 [+ or -] 4.34 Tiger shark 70.21 [+ or -] 2.13 4.14 [+ or -] 1.11 Hammerhead shark 70.36 [+ or -] 1.68 2.30 [+ or -] 0.54 Ridge back cat shark 46.02 [+ or -] 2.98 0.36 [+ or -] 0.11 Milk shark 58.67 [+ or -] 5.00 0.85 [+ or -] 0.25 * SD=Standard Deviation.
The aim of this study was to characterise the early axon scaffold through a time series in the cat shark species, Scyliorhinus canicula, using immunostaining.
In the absence of an accurate description of the molecular and anatomical subdivisions of the embryonic cat shark brain, the precise location of the neurones and their associated tracts was difficult to determine accurately.
Further tracts like the TPOC, TPC, SOT, and VC that could be identified in the embryonic cat shark brain are found in all vertebrates [2], indicating that they represent structures of the last common vertebrate ancestor.
canicula (and other cat shark species) brain was the distinct brain vesicles including an enlarged telencephalon, making its brain structure more similar to that of the amniotes rather than the anamniotes.
The overall organisation of the cat shark axon tracts is similar to that described for other vertebrates, including the early development of the medial longitudinal fascicle.
Last week, two species of shark - cat sharks and smoothhounds - littered the beach at Aberavon.
Philippines: Laughing cicadas and small "cat sharks" are among scores of species believed new to science discovered by US and Filipino researchers in waters and islands of the Philippines, the team said Wednesday.
Fellow academy scientist John McCosker said they discovered several small "cat sharks" that might also be a new species.
It includes bony fish (such as mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herrings, sardines, flying fish, ocean sunfish, swordfish, marlins, sailfish, barracudas), cartilaginous fish (such as blue sharks, dusky sharks, hammerhead sharks, dogfish, cat sharks, eagle rays), sea turtles, small cetaceans, pinnipeds, squid, pelagic red crab, salps, porifera, and birds.
Odontaspids are also characterized by lanceolate teeth and the lack of nictitating lower eyelids, which differentiates them from similar families such as the scyliorhinids (cat sharks) and carcharhinids (requiem sharks) (Bass et al., 1975).
Last week,two species of sharks- cat sharks and smooth-hounds - littered the beach atAberavon.
For example, fast-swimming mackerel sharks have a large, conico-cylindrical shape; benthic cat sharks have long, slender bodies; and benthic angel sharks and saw sharks are highly flattened in shape.