cat scratch disease

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a disease thought to be transmitted to humans by a scratch from a cat

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Cat scratch disease in the United States: an analysis of three national databases.
Pitfalls and fallacies of cat scratch disease serology: evaluation of Bartonella henselae-based indirect fluorescence assay and enzyme-linked immunoassay.
There are approximately 22,000 new cases of cat scratch disease per year in the United States.
A diagnosis of cat scratch disease does not rule out a diagnosis of mycobacteriosis or neoplasm, according to this report.
Confirmation of diagnosis of cat scratch disease by immunohistochemistry.
History and laboratory evaluation revealed that he had Cat Scratch Disease (CSD), a self-limited infectious disease most often characterized by regional lymphadenopathy.
henselae, a species first recognized in 1990, is the main etiologic agent of cat scratch disease and is also responsible for bacillary angiomatosis and peliosis hepatitis in immunocompromised (mostly AIDS) patients, (6, 7), as well as bacteremia and endocarditis.
Bartonella, or cat scratch disease, like rabies, can spread directly from an infected animal to humans.
On August 14, 1994, the Broward County Public Health Unit of the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services was notified of three children from Pompano Beach who were hospitalized with encephalitis attributed to cat scratch disease (CSD).
Researchers have recently implicated Rochalimaea bacteria as the cause of trench fever and cat scratch disease, two other human illnesses.
Cat scratch disease (CSD) is a common cause of swollen lymph nodes in children, especially when the swelling lasts longer than three weeks.
Hand-wrestling your kitten or newly adopted cat may seem like harmless play, but if either would happen to scratch you, you could develop an infection requiring treatment for cat scratch disease (CSD).