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a person who breeds and cares for cats

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Readers who like "cozy" mysteries are generally cat fanciers.
com)-- Front Range Cat Fanciers (FRCF) will again produce the annual "Valentine's Cat Show" on February 16 & 17, 8: 30 a.
His approach to cat care offers much to cat owners and cat fanciers and will appeal to any general lending collection.
In a breathtaking display of poetic irony, Righthaven, which filed scores of copyright infringement suits demanding money from such supposed business threats as a blog for cat fanciers, has complained about the "scorched Earth judgment enforcement efforts" of one of its targets.
In the US, where the breed has been granted championship status by the Cat Fanciers Association, the pets have been featured on TV shows such as Tonight with Jay Leno and the Martha Stewart Show.
It's said that the first animals to be domesticated were dogs, though cat fanciers have claimed that Man's best and first friend was a feline.
BANDIT receives appealing, fun drawings by Vincent Nguyen and provides a whimsical story line for cat fanciers.
The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) is the registering body for cats in the United States, and the largest cat registering body in the world.
It included ads for patent medicine for cats, Spratt's cat foods, the schedule for upcoming shows and the results of recent shows, and obituaries for well-known cat fanciers and highly successful and beloved cats.
Cat fanciers, dog breeders, pet-show participants, police canine trainers and others descended on the Capitol every time the bill came up for a hearing in a committee.
Cat fanciers are every bit as devoted to their pets as dog owners.
Carol Barbee, president of the American Cat Fanciers Association, takes the mid-spectrum view that some people would welcome such a cat if the animals were not harmed by the genetic modification.
Then I realised she also had her own internet site as well and that cat fanciers the world over are just dying about Turkish Angoras.
Since 1983, cat fanciers have bred the unusual mutants -- now called American curl cats--with an eye toward developing a show breed.
In purebred animals, especially those recognized by cat fanciers, each breed's typical coat is well known.