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a chemical reactor for converting oils with high boiling points into fuels with lower boiling points in the presence of a catalyst

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Fluid catalytic cracking is a commonly used process and a modern oil refinery will typically include a cat cracker, particularly refineries in the USA due to the high demand for gasoline.
Production levels were reduced in early December 1994 at both the Bayway and Avon Refineries due to poor refining margins and to perform some minor but necessary maintenance at Bayway and to prepare for an early start of the major upgrade and turnaround of Avon's fluid cat cracker which occurred in January 1995.
23 per share) relating to incidents at the Avon Refinery hydrocracker and the Bayway Refinery cat cracker.
a) Avon's cat cracker (the principal gasoline production unit) and the processing units at the Ferndale Refinery were shut down for scheduled maintenance during the first quarter of 1995.
Cat cracker project at Abadan oil refinery worth almost 600 million dollars and starting the second phase of Abadan oil refinery development plan, worth three billion dollars, are among the other projects of Petroleum Ministry, the official concluded.
In the previous two weeks, PDVSA shut its 54,000 barrels per day cat cracker at El Palito refinery after an electrical outage, and its Puerto La Cruz refinery was also experiencing operational problems.
Fourth, this program will include replacement of Ferndale's Thermal Cat Cracker with a modern more efficient Fluid Cat Cracker, which should provide an excellent return on investment and configure Ferndale for the future.
The Commonwealth will provide grants to help build a high-speed train unloading facility at the refinery, support a major capital project and upgrade the Cat Cracker (FCCU) at the refinery.
It features a 20 Mboepd cat cracker, 22 Mboepd naptha cracker, and 3 Mboepd catalytic reformer.
The repairs to Pipestill 3A and FCCU3 were originally scheduled to take two weeks to complete, but the CDU work ran a week beyond scheduled completion and the cat cracker work was nearly two weeks behind schedule.
Speaking at a press conference in Abadan Southeastern Iran, engineering manager of the project, Abdolhamid Taghizadeh, said that gasoline production capacity of the refinery had already been increased by four million liters per day by launching cat cracker unit of the project and rose to 6 million liters per day by startup of the alkylation unit.
Preliminary estimates indicate that the crude units, cat cracker, and reformer will be down about a week.
The refinery relies effectively on two plants with redundant units except for the cat cracker.
NEW YORK: PBF Energy reported a cat cracker snag due to a carbon monoxide (CO) boiler outage at its 182,200 barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery in Delaware City, according to a notice filed regulators.
The cat cracker repair will take at least a month from now because we have to fly parts in from abroad," a refinery spokeswoman said.