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a chemical reactor for converting oils with high boiling points into fuels with lower boiling points in the presence of a catalyst

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Emerson has already provided upgraded automation technologies for one of the cat crackers, implementing a new DeltaV distributed control system.
Whether they repair the cat cracker depends on if the conversions are complete," one of the sources said.
The fluid cat cracker unit (FCCU), considered the heart of the petroleum refinery, produces the majority of the gasoline.
The refinery's cat cracker is operating at around 70,000 bpd, said union leader and government critic Ivan Freites.
He was appointed to the lead design team for the fluid cat cracker unit at Humber, which was successfully commissioned in March of 1986.
The repairs to Pipestill 3A and FCCU3 were originally scheduled to take two weeks to complete, but the CDU work ran a week beyond scheduled completion and the cat cracker work was nearly two weeks behind schedule.
Burns commented, "The Company has previously reported on some the exciting advantages of the design of the new low profile Fluid Cat Cracker.
It features a 20 Mboepd cat cracker, 22 Mboepd naptha cracker, and 3 Mboepd catalytic reformer.
Fluid catalytic cracking is a commonly used process and a modern oil refinery will typically include a cat cracker, particularly refineries in the USA due to the high demand for gasoline.
NEW YORK: PBF Energy reported a cat cracker snag due to a carbon monoxide (CO) boiler outage at its 182,200 barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery in Delaware City, according to a notice filed regulators.
Although the Delaware City is already capable of meeting the low sulfur gasoline regulations and requires potentially only modest investments for on road diesel, the refinery requires an estimated $175 million for scrubbers for the refinery's coker and cat cracker.