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a burglar who unlawfully breaks into and enters another person's house


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Boys in the Rhondda Valley must not be allowed to grow up into cat burglars," he added.
Soldier hanged for murder, boy cat burglar gang must disband, Hess awaits Nuremberg call and much more made the news 69 years ago this week Man is hanged for town murder THERE were few people to read the death notices pinned up on the gates of Cardiff Prison this morning by chief warder after the execution of Howard Joseph Grossley who murdered Lily Griffiths at Porthcawl last March.
What: Comic caper series about sexy cat burglars in a love/hate relationship forced against their will to work for the government.
While they wait for their leader Old Deuteronomy (Nicholas Pound) to make his choice, the skittish kitties take their turn in the spotlight, shaking tails in crispy delivered dance routines and telling tall tales of cat burglars, chop houses, train journeys and tap-dancing cockroaches.
Fortunately for Jessica, Sherlock, Christie, Marple, Kojak and Morse, these furry cat burglars got an early release after they were found with mum Agatha in the Bridgend prison's yard.
HE was crowned the reigning king of cat burglars for good reason.
Aptly-dubbed the Human Fly and the Cat Burglar To The Stars, Peter Scott, born Peter Gulston, honed his skills along South Belfast's plush Malone Road.
The Mayfair and Belgravia mansions, with their balconies that lead into plush piles with all sorts of dazzling treasure, were like manna from heaven for the cheeky cat burglar.
INTERPOL have been alerted after cat burglars stole ancient artefacts valued at pounds 250,000 in a raid on a British antiques shop.
And he was often shot at by angry home-owners below who thought he was taking pictures of roof tops to help cat burglars.
YOU may have heard of cat burglars, but police in the Vale of Glamorgan are dealing with a new breed of criminal - thieving hounds.
A Gang of daring cat burglars stole pounds 1million worth of jewellery from a luxury London home while the owner slept.