cat burglar

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a burglar who unlawfully breaks into and enters another person's house


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Acting Inspector Peter Bond said: "We were pretty shocked to find a cat burglar in the act, but thankfully this time nothing was being stolen.
His dramatic intervention emerged as suspicions rose last night that the raid in the early hours of Friday may have been one of a spate by the same cat burglar - with eight houses in the posh Holland Park area of West London hit in the past three weeks.
Soldier hanged for murder, boy cat burglar gang must disband, Hess awaits Nuremberg call and much more made the news 69 years ago this week Man is hanged for town murder THERE were few people to read the death notices pinned up on the gates of Cardiff Prison this morning by chief warder after the execution of Howard Joseph Grossley who murdered Lily Griffiths at Porthcawl last March.
March McQuin lives a peripatetic life as the son of a skillful cat burglar. One night, his father falls from a rooftop after a burglary and March witnesses his death.
He is a seasoned cat burglar, regularly bringing home "treasures" from neighbours' houses.
But there is a significant twist - Frank used to be a top cat burglar, and since you can't change a leopard's spots, he is inclined to return to his old ways, this time using the robot as back-up.
But things change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar. Out tomorrow.
There is an endearing side to this curmudgeonly cat burglar that surfaces most clearly in his regular visits to the local library.
At night Dino works with Nico (Bruno Salomone), a slinky cat burglar. Dino's two worlds collide when Zoe decides to follow him and falls into the hands of Victor Costa (Jean Benguigui), a blustery gangster planning the theft of a rare statue.
London, Nov 27 (ANI): A Japanese thief, who calls himself as a gentleman cat burglar, has written a book on how one can carry out burglaries.
The cat burglar's loot started with gardening gloves but quickly moved on to ladies knickers, socks and 10 pairs of children's underwear.
The alleged 'cat burglar' is said to have entered through an open window to steal a mobile phone and diamond jewellery worth BD3,000 - all while the 50-year-old victim slept.
A new cat burglar named Tornado is padding about, stealing national treasures, and itAAEs only a matter of time before Clouseau is literally plucked from the gutter to save the jour.
The programme includes the remarkable story of a seemingly respectable suburban housewife who led a double life as a cat burglar, plus an aristocratic smuggler, a privately educated art forger and a bank manager who used customers' deposits to fund his gambling.
That is, she seemed that way until you saw the secret smile dancing around her lips while she went about her theft as a longtime cat burglar.