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Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used or controlled by others

Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used by another to gain an end

a hitch in the middle of rope that has two eyes into which tackle can be hooked

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Optics apart, New Delhi must carefully calculate the costs of becoming the cat's-paw as America and China jostle for global supremacy.
The nailgrabbing claw even does the job of a cat's-paw. Aside from all that, this tool is a sturdy, all-around home wrecker that pries, pounds and rips as well as any bar.
Hezbollah dubbed "enemy of Arabs and Muslims" More than two-thirds of participants in a four-day online survey believe Hezbollah, Iran's cat's-paw in Lebanon, is the new adversary of Arabs and Muslims.
He said that will not allow any politicians to use the student generation as a cat's-paw for their political goals and blamed the opposition for spreading fallacious stories saying that the school times will be extended with the hidden motive of disrupting minds of school children and use them for their political agitations.
The footwork was cat's-paw soft, and the gentle distortions of her choreography rendered with lush assurance.